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Jeffrey Epstein Had “Unexplained” Injuries on Shoulder and Wrists, Brother Claims

“Was he handcuffed and struggled? Was someone holding his wrists? The marks on his wrist are unexplained.”



Jeffrey Epstein Injuries

(TMU) — The brother of deceased pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein says that a number of “unexplained” and highly unusual injuries were found on his brother’s wrists and shoulders, raising questions of foul play in the events leading up to his death.

Mark Epstein told Fox News that the disgraced financier had two contusions on his wrists, an injury on his left forearm, and hemorrhaged muscles on his left shoulder. The 65-year-old added that the Department of Justice (DOJ) must release all forensic medical examiner files so that his brothers’s death can be independently investigated.

The Mark Epstein said:

“Those [injuries] are unexplained. Was he handcuffed and struggled? Was someone holding his wrists? The marks on his wrist are unexplained.”

The comments come amid continued controversy over his brother’s suspicious death in August, which the New York City Medical Examiner officially listed as a suicide by hanging. The questions also come shortly after famous pathologist Dr. Michael Baden questioned the official story, as previously reported by the Mind Unleashed.

Speaking to Fox News, Baden said:

“Did the injuries happen a week before or at the time of the incident? We have to look at the microscopic slides to see when the injuries occurred.

The brother requested this information three months ago and he still has not gotten it.”

Mark Epstein also accused the NYC Medical Examiner’s Office of stone-walling his attempts to obtain his brother’s file in mid-August after they refused to hand him the documents, claiming that the DOJ must first process the file.

Mark explained:

“They’re playing games.

 I’ve done the appropriate requests with Justice twice, and have heard nothing. I was told someone is looking into it.”

Dr. Baden noted the irregularity of how Jeffrey Epstein’s cause of death was suddenly altered from “pending further study” on the day of his autopsy to “suicide by hanging” in a matter of days. Baden said:

“Ordinarily it takes weeks or months to determine a cause if it needs further investigation.

They felt like they had enough information to complete their investigation in five days. What was that additional information?”

Mark remains unsure about what exactly happened to his brother, but he maintained that the possibility of murder should still be investigated. He added:

“I have no standing to sue … people should know the truth about what can happen in a federal facility.

My brother might have been murdered. This is not about me.”

Jeffrey Epstein, 66, counted key figures in the global elite among his friends and associates, including politicians like former President Bill Clinton and current President Donald Trump, U.K. royal Prince Andrew, actor Kevin Spacey, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, billionaire Les Wexner, comedian Woody Allen, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, and innumerable other public figures.

In July, Jeffrey was arrested and jailed without bail on sex trafficking charges.

Weeks after the convicted sex criminal’s death, Judge Richard Berman announced that the criminal case against him was closed. In late August, the judge wrote:

“Because Jeffrey Epstein, the defendant, died while this case was pending, and therefore before a final judgment was issued, the Indictment must be dismissed under rule of abatement.”

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