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A Bunch of Australians Are Demanding That Steve Irwin Be On Their Money Instead of King Charles



People in Australia have been putting forth a number of suggestions for who should take the place of Queen Elizabeth II on the country’s banknotes, with zoologist and national treasure Steve Irwin being one of the most popular candidates.

The head of state of Australia is the British monarchy, and her image is currently featured on the currency of the nation, with plans moving forward to make a change to King Charles III after the queen’s passing.

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, the Australian National Bank (ANB) announced that King Charles III will replace the late monarch’s image on their $5 bills the following day.

The same may be said about coins that will be struck in the future bearing a likeness of King Charles. According to a custom that dates back to the 17th century and states that the orientation of the image must be changed whenever there is a new king, the image will be turned so that it faces to the left.

This modification will not be carried out immediately; instead, circulation of the coins will begin in 2023.

“All Australian banknotes issued from 1913 retain their legal tender status,” a spokesperson for the Reserve Bank of Australia said, according to The Guardian.

“We will plan for an update to the $5 banknote design in due course. Creating the design for new banknotes is a complex process.”

“It can be several years [between] when a banknote is printed and when it is issued into circulation depending on demand from the public and the need to replace banknotes that have become worn in circulation,” they added.

In spite of these intentions, requests from Australians for a new face to appear on their country’s currency have not been quiet, and the name of the late Steve Irwin seems to be the one that is being sought the most often.

Irwin, well known as “the Crocodile Hunter,” passed away in September 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb. The incident led to Irwin’s death. Irwin and his family are iconic around the world for their conservation efforts. Steve was loved dearly by all around the world, so this is clearly a fitting choice for their currency.

Personally I say this is the better choice. Monarchies are an outdated concept. Horrible, even.

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