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Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off MMA Skills In Totally Weird And Surprising Sparring Video

It’s definitely weird to see this but hey, good for him.



Mark Zuckerberg, who commonly refers to himself as the “Eye of Sauron”, and dubbed his employees his “Metamytes” has been putting in a significant amount of work to improve his martial arts skills.

Also, previous Facebook workers have reported that they were threatened with katanas while they were working at the office, so you guys may want to keep an eye on what you’re doing while you’re coding for Meta.

Over the course of the weekend, Mark posted a series of mixed martial arts demonstrations on his Instagram account. And it comes as a shock to us that he looks to be fairly decent at it, and according to the comment section of the page, a lot of fighting champions obviously agree with that assessment.

Don’t mess with the Zuck, I guess?

Zuck is shown in the video facing real mixed martial arts (MMA) competitor Khai The ShadowWu, and a number of well-known martial artists have given some encouraging remarks on the clip in the comment section. 

“Amazing!!!” “Half guard, arm-bars, triangle! Super cool,” a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter by the name of Bernardo Faria wrote.

“Yo!!! F****** awesome Mark!” Adding Connor McGregor, a controversial mixed martial arts fighter from Ireland.

“Combos looking clean,” wrote the official UFC account.

Zuck, the Meta master, as he has shown many times in the past, has a number of interests. His love for “meat-smoking” is a typical example.

It is not quite apparent if the company’s creator just enjoys bragging about his accomplishments to the public or whether he is always striving to demonstrate that he is, in fact, a living, breathing human being, contrary to the cyborg, or… even bizarrely, a reptilian overlord, like the many memes claim.

Exercise is beneficial, and having interests outside of work is rewarding, and MMA is probably one of the best workouts you could possibly do, not to mention the confidence you gain from training in the martial arts..

We just wish he didn’t have seemingly such a huge disdain for content creators (who are the very reason his platform became so big) and such a penchant for censorship with his algorithms. Just let us reach our fans Mark!

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