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Crypto Bros’ Coin Crashes After Spending Over Half Million On Weird Elon Musk Statue




Elon Musk’s crypto-crazed supporters spent $600,000 building a huge statue depicting the new Twitter CEO’s head on a goat’s body, mounting a rocket, and their currency plummeted once they made the strange piece of “art” public.

The creators of the Elon Goat Token, an obvious tribute to the man they deem to be the “Greatest of All Time,” or GOAT, released their strange work into the streets of Austin, Texas over the holiday weekend. It is supposed to be Musk’s face superimposed on a goat’s body.

Though Musk has yet to publicly recognize the unusual tribute, analysts have remarked that the cryptocurrency markets have. The producers of the currency unveiled it and did a drive-by of the monument on November 26 (thus the “#GOATsgiving” hashtag), and since then, the price of the coin has plunged even more.


Elon Goat Tokens are now worth a tiny fraction of a penny, yet even on Thanksgiving Day, when they were valued roughly $0.002, they have since lost most of their value.

After being “delivered” to Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory on Saturday, the mysterious statue has gone missing. Nobody knows whether Elon has seen it or not.

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