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Nobody Wants To Be Elon Musk, According To His Own Mother: “He Gets A Lot Of Hate. Stop Being Mean To Him.”



An ex-talent head of Elon Musk’s rocket business, SpaceX, likened him to a hybrid of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and John D. Rockefeller.

Dolly Singh, a former SpaceX employee, made the statements in a BBC series called The Elon Musk Show, which interviews Musk’s family, friends, past workers, and opponents to explain his climb to wealth. 

In the second episode, Singh expressed her opinion that she thought Musk was more intelligent than Einstein.

“He learned everything about Tesla and Einstein. He has learned everything that they knew and he’s trying to take it to the next level,” she said. “I think he’s the closest thing that we have to that kind of a figure in our day and age.”

Once Musk “has done building his legacy, it will be unquestionable that he is a combination of Einstein, Tesla, and Rockefeller,” Singh added.

We owe a great deal to Albert Einstein, whose theory of relativity reshaped our conception of the cosmos and how we conceptualize space, time, gravity, and more. With Nikola Tesla, Musk’s electric vehicle firm is called Tesla in honor of the inventor, who made significant contributions to the generation, transfer, and use of electrical electricity.

John D. Rockefeller was a big benefactor and one of the world’s richest individuals.

Singh added: “When you set out to do something incredibly hard, there’s gonna be a lot of hard days that go along with that.”

Maye, the internet entrepreneur’s mom, made an appearance in the film as well. Although many people look up to him and admire his accomplishments, she said, “no one wants to be him,” further describing him as “genius.”

“With those companies, he gets a lot of hate,” Musk’s mom Maye said. “Stop being mean to him.”

His father, now 76 years old, has revealed that young Elon enjoyed reading, particularly histories of Alexander the Great. The French version of Napoleon’s will was also in his possession.

The BBC has announced that The Elon Musk Show will not air in any countries outside of the United Kingdom owing to licensing restrictions. Episode one may be seen on iPlayer.

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