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After This Mom Lost Her 1-Year-Old Son in a Car Crash, Health Insurers Left Her $175k of Debt

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Big Pharma Opioid Epidemic Overdose Cure

Same Big Pharma Empire Behind Opioid Epidemic Now Profiting From Overdose Cure

Mundipharma is owned by the billionaire Sackler family, which also owns OxyContin ...

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Big Pharma Family

Meet the Big Pharma Family That Created America’s Opioid Crisis

These particular drug pushers have devastated millions of families across the Unit...

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Big Pharma Family Opioid Crisis

Oxycontin Maker Files for Bankruptcy After Funneling Billions Into Private Accounts

They claim the transfers were “perfectly legal and appropriate in every respect...

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The ADHD Over-Diagnosis Epidemic Is a Schooling Problem, Not a Child One

(FEE) Opinion – Childhood exuberance is now a liability. Behaviors that were...

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New Study Reveals How ADHD Drugs ‘Alter The Structure of Children’s Brains’

(TMU) — As attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) continues to remain ...

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Psychedelic Drugs Treat Depression

Psychedelic Drugs Are Finally Being Used to Treat Depression in US Hospitals

Scientists and psychiatrists are embracing psychedelic drugs as “game-changers...

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ADHD Overdiagnosis Epidemic

The ADHD Overdiagnosis Epidemic: What You Need to Know

Ending the ADHD overdiagnosis epidemic depends on a societal reality check on norm...

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Cannabis Can Relieve Pain 30 Times Better Than Aspirin

Cannabis Can Relieve Pain 30 Times Better Than Aspirin, New Study Finds

Cannabis produces pain-relieving molecules that are 30 times more potent at reduci...