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This Travel Company Will Maroon You on a Remote Deserted Island for a Robinson Crusoe-like Adventure



Remote Deserted Island

I bet most of you have used the services of travel agencies at least once in your life. But I’m quite sure that you have never tried anything similar to what Spanish company Docastaway offers. It specializes in organizing tours to… uninhabited islands in the most remote corners of the world. So, if you are dreaming of living the adventures of Robinson Crusoe without putting your life at risk, now there is an actual possibility to make your dream a reality.

Alvaro Cerezo, the founder of Docastaway, came up with this idea 4 years ago. It all began with his passion to travel to and stay on remote islands, and one day he decided to give other people the opportunity to explore the ‘world’s last paradises.’

We have dedicated several years to exploring the most uninhabited and isolated tropical corners of the planet with the aim of discovering the most remote islands, those which remain a secret and still completely untouched by western influence,” the company’s website writes.

Remote Deserted Island

Docastaway offers two kinds of tropical vacation – Adventure mode and Comfort mode. The first one is for those who want to test their survival skills living in a tree house and eating bananas, coconuts and fish.

The Comfort mode offers an isolated vacation on a deserted tropical island too, but it won’t deprive you of the modern amenities – with this mode, you will live in a comfortable bungalow and enjoy buffet meals. Some of the islands even offer facilities with air-conditioning and Internet access.

Remote Deserted Island

There is a total of 16 islands Docastaway organizes tours to, most of which are located in Indonesia and Philippines. All the islands are really small – not bigger than three square kilometers.

Whatever mode client chooses, the company guarantees the exclusiveness and isolation. This means that Docastaway makes sure that there is only one client or couple on a given island (or even on the same archipelago) at one time.

Remote Deserted Island

This kind of vacation is perfect for those who want to escape from the hectic rhythm of their urban life and enjoy the quiet and nature.

It is perfect for people whose greatest dream would be to spend a few days totally disconnected from their everyday lives, to be in their own private paradise, miles away from civilization,” the site writes.

I think many people would want that, so the deserted island vacation has all the chances to become a new travel trend.

What about you? Would you prefer a vacation on a remote tropical island to a mass tourism destination?

Image Source: Docastaway

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