Excision comes out with the most BASS HEAVY festival lineup we’ve ever seen at Lost Lands

Do you like festivals? What about mind boggling, heavy bass? Then it sounds like Jeff Abel’s (Excision) very first Lost Lands Music Festival is the place that you wanna be this fall!

This lineup pretty much has every heavy hitter in the dubstep game right now and they’re all bound to show no mercy! 3 days straight of Excision’s mind melting Paradox visual’s at the main stage mixed with a dinosaur theme is just about every headbangers dream come true.

Exicison’s ‘Paradox’ stage. Image credit: Rukes.com

The ‘Paradox’ Experience can be seen here in Excision’s official video.

Let’s not forget the comeback of Destroid, the 4 Excision dj sets, including a b2b with the Prince of Filth, Datsik himself, and according to Jeff Abel, a special dj set from Excision that’s being kept under wraps until the time slots are released!


Wait.. and 500,000 watts of BASS!

You can also expect Zeds Dead, Liquid Stranger, Funtcase, and many more to throw down the filthiest sets to be remembered for ages! I’m pretty sure I speak for every long time dubstep fan that this is the lineup we’ve been wanting forever and I would personally like to thank The Bass God himself for blessing us with this festival.

Full Lineup:

full lineup


According to the festival website, camping is going to be pretty interesting too. Lost lands is offering what they’re calling ‘Dino-Den Tent Ready Camping’ for those who are flying in or would just rather to not have to bring as much gear. This space is also located the closest to the festival grounds.

The website reads:

“Flying in? Don’t have your own camping equipment? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Tent-Ready camps come ready to go with everything you need. Located in the exclusive Dino Den camping area just steps from the festival.

  • 20’ X 30 camping space for 2 guests
  • Tent Pre-pitched for you
  • Queen-sized air mattress
  • 2 sleeping bags
  • 2 pillows
  • 2 Camping Chairs
  • Shade cover
  • Access to all Dino Den amenities (See Enhanced Dino Den Camping above)”

Lost Lands is also offering an enhanced Dino Den camping experience that includes showers and other essential amenities for a little cheaper. RV camping and single camper passes are also available.

Tickets to the fest can be found here. Camping passes can be found here.

Are YOU as excited for Lost Lands Music Festival as we are at The Mind Unleashed?

Excuse me as I go twiddle my thumbs in anxiety waiting for September 29th…

Images credit: Drew Ressler of RUKES.COM

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