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Trump sets Sights on Libya’s Oil, Seamlessly Carrying the Agenda



Why did a coalition of 19 countries including the US and NATO destroy the Libyan regime and in every sense, the stability of the country in 2011?

One reason of course was the financial independence of Libya, the plan to create the gold backed African Dinar currency as many people are familiar with (which was proven by leaked emails years after everyone already knew).

Another reason they took out Gaddafi in Libya was because, as usual, they wanted to harvest everything they possibly could in the country. It’s common sense if you understand a little bit about power. A country is harvested if a regime isn’t in alliance with the most powerful alliance of nations: the leader is removed, the resources are stolen, the place is harvested in every possible way.

They harvest countries after ripping out a regime, it just might take a minute.

Now 7 years after this coalition of countries destroyed Libya, the intensity of chaos they are responsible for unleashing upon the region is proving to be a factor in the difficulty of harvesting Libya’s natural resources.

According to mainstream reports, Libya today is divided by rival “governments” in western and eastern halves, while radical Islamic terror groups, human trafficking, and other atrocious things thrive.

It’s possibly more chaotic than the powers that be would prefer, to harvest the country. According to the Washington Times:

“With the U.N. and European allies, the U.S. has pushed a deal to subject the Central Bank of Libya and the state oil company to a wide-ranging investigation into long-standing reports of corruption and misappropriation of oil revenue by radical Islamist factions and militia groups.”

Simply taking a country’s resources doesn’t work, while pretending to be the protagonist. Those resources must be harvested or used in an underhanded way. In another facet of why they probably wanted to destroy Libya, now attention is being turned toward Libya’s oil, as a solution to the effects of US sanctions against Iran.

The oil blockade against Iran reportedly removed about 850,000 barrels per day of oil from the world’s markets, which is a problem for certain people.

So to have the ability to brutally sanction Iran’s oil sales without disrupting global markets, the US seems to be tasked with getting oil out of Libya. Now, Trump’s administration is reportedly tasked with getting oil out of Libya to help their plans in destabilizing Iran to work more effectively. Continuing from the Washington Times:

“As Libya endured yet another oil blockade, which pulled nearly 850,000 barrels per day from the world’s markets, Trump administration officials worked behind the scenes over the past month to pressure key militia leaders, government officials and oil executives to cooperate or face dire consequences, multiple sources told The Washington Times.

State Department and White House officials declined to comment on specifics, underscoring the sensitivities required to execute a successful power play in Libya.”

The truth about this should be seen in its full perspective: the agenda to take out Libya was not just one conceived by the United States or NATO, the plan was important to the entire Western power-structure, and it perfectly demonstrates the seamless agenda that continues throughout every presidential administration from behind the scenes.

Norway attacked Libya. Sweden attacked Libya. Those Nordic countries whose governments, many of them still literally monarchies, pretend to be peaceful and neutral attacked Libya and showed their true colors in unwavering support for the US And NATO in 2011.

Never forget: if a reason was ever present to justify attacking Iran in the minds of most people, Iran would be instantly attacked by every one of these countries, even the Nordic governments who pretend to be peaceful.

Some very important things were foreshadowed by who attacked Libya.

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