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Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Guilty to Stealing Over $1 Million in Marijuana, Cash



Apparently it wasn’t enough for Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Marc Antrim to have one of the highest-paying public sector jobs in the state of California. Perhaps that’s what drove the deputy to attempt to pull a brazen heist at a marijuana warehouse that backfired in a spectacular fashion, landing him a decade-plus prison sentence.

Antrim’s plan went to pot after the deputy failed to cover his tracks. He has now pled guilty to multiple federal charges resulting from his botched attempt to steal over half a ton of cannabis along with safes stuffed with cash, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Antrim and two other accomplices were arrested in November shortly after carrying out their pre-dawn robbery on October 29 where they scored 1,226 pounds of indoor cannabis packaged for shipment and two safes containing around $615,000 in cash and $30,00 in money orders, according to the plea agreement.

During the heist, three employees working at the warehouse were held in captivity in an official Sheriff’s Department patrol car prior to being released.

Their plan was eventually foiled after an attorney for the cannabis business contacted the Sheriff’s Department and gave them footage from security cameras on the premises.

After tracking down the rented moving truck used in the heist via GPS, the Sheriff’s Department tracked down accomplice Kevin McBride, 43, along with a Beretta handgun registered in Deputy Antrim’s name, a flashlight with his name on it, standard-issue law enforcement ammunition, two pounds of cannabis and $150,000 to $200,000 in cash. Other items were held in a commercial storage unit in an eastern part of LA County.

McBride has since signed a plea deal while a third man involved in the heist, Eric Rodriguez, is in talks with prosecutors to do the same.

Since his November arrest, Antrim has been relieved of duty without pay. Strict sentencing laws now require that Antrim face a minimum of 12 years in prison for two of the five crimes he confessed to, according to the plea deal.

Photos posted to the Instagram account of (ex-) Deputy Sheriff Marc Antrim

Antrim is far from the first dirty cop to engage in unlawful cannabis-related theft.

In 2016, police officers in nearby Santa Ana were filmed inside the Sky High Collective cannabis dispensary snacking on products – presumably edibles – and joking about bullying a paraplegic activist who was on the scene during a raid. The following year, the bad cops were let off the hook and the chief of police was railroaded from the department by the police officer’s union and the mayor.

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