Ugandan Woman Bursts With Joy When She is Given Her First-Ever Pair of Shoes

(TMU) — In countries such as the United States, the average person’s closet is overflowing with shoes (approximately 20 pairs, in fact). But in many other parts of the world, millions of adults and children lack footwear. This fact was recently highlighted when a stranger gifted the shoes off her feet to a Ugandan woman, then captured her overjoyed reaction on video.

Earlier this month, Laura Grier was being driven through Bwindi National Park when she spotted a Ugandan woman walking barefoot. She immediately asked the driver to pull over. According to GoodNewsNetwork, Grier felt compelled to give the woman the shoes off of her own feet.

After Grier’s driver helped put the shoes on the woman’s feet, she began dancing with an infectious joy. Incredibly, the shoes were a perfect fit.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Grier told Newsflare:

“When I saw the woman on the side of the road barefoot, I urged my driver to stop. The woman was barefoot and had never owned shoes before, so we stopped the car to pull over and give them to her, and her reaction to wearing the shoes was priceless!”

According to nonprofit Soles 4 Souls, more than 300 million children around the world do not have shoes to wear. Not only does having a pair of shoes provide comfort, but footwear can increase access to education, treat debilitating diseases, and even help curb water and soil-borne illnesses.

By Mandy Froelich | Creative Commons |

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