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People Would Rather Give and Receive Personalized Gifts Instead of Those From a Store

Most people would prefer to have a gift they perceive as “heartfelt” and “personalized” rather than generic.



Personalized Gifts

(TMU) — With Black Friday just around the corner, you can be forgiven for believing that all your loved ones want for the holidays are new phones, tablets, headphones, smart speakers, and Amazon Ring surveillance gadgets.

However, the conscientious gift-giver who wants to make a lasting impression with their gifts may want to avoid the usual electronic devices, high-tech products, and other hardware being aggressively advertised for the holidays.

According to a new survey, most people in the United States would prefer a gift with a personal touch rather than the usual tech stuff from Best Buy or Amazon.

In a survey of 2,000 people by OnePoll on behalf of Vistaprint, it was found that most people would prefer to have a gift they perceive as “heartfelt” and “personalized” rather than generic.

The study also found that 62 percent of those surveyed have a preference for gifts that come from the heart, reflecting the sentimental nature of holidays rather than focusing on gifts which are lavish and expensive.


Almost twice as many respondents prefer heartfelt, personalized gifts versus generic ones worth over $100.

And those surveyed also have very little use for gift cards over personalized gifts, with only 14 percent of respondents signaling their preference for the cards.

The survey also noted:

  • Two-thirds, or 66 percent, of survey respondents say that these types of gifts would be more memorable than generic, store-bought gifts.
  • Another 58 percent of respondents said that they’d likely spread the word of these gifts to other people if they were more personal.
  • Over half, or 55 percent, of respondents said that they keep personalized gifts far longer than generic ones, with average respondents saying that they keep them for a year longer while almost 40 percent said that they keep such gifts forever.

Over two-thirds, or 68 percent, of respondents also said that they derive far more satisfaction from giving someone a personalized gift than by giving someone something generic. The top reasons cited were that these gifts would be remembered; they are keepsakes; they are unique; and the act is a memorable form of bonding.

And nearly half of those who responded also mentioned that personalized gifts are cheaper than the new hot must-have gadget—which surely doesn’t hurt!

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