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Street Photographer Tracks Down People He Captured 30 Years Ago To Recreate Their Photos

Many years after taking the images, the photographer managed to track down some of those characters.



(TMU) – It’s quite amazing how one can be transported back in time instantly when you come across some old photographs of yourself and the 70s, 80s and 90s were exciting times. Street photographer Chris Porsz captured hundreds of candid photos of interesting characters while walking the streets of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, Britain.

Forty years later, Porsz managed to track down some of those characters by publishing the pictures in local and national papers and on his website. His aim was to recreate the photographs he took so long ago, resulting in 135 reunions, mission accomplished!

Where possible, Porsz took the new photographs in the same locations as the first ones although, naturally, many of those locations had changed as much as the subjects in the photos had. Porsz captured people from all walks of life. Sweethearts, friends, siblings, punks, teenagers, shoppers, traders and policemen, to name a few The photographs have all been put into a book titled ‘Reunions’, with writer Jo Riley telling the story of the subjects in the photos. Below is a selection from the book.

You can buy ‘Reunions’ through Porsz’s website.

Dog And Tina (1985 And 2015)

Railway Kiss (1980 And 2009)

Five Boys Running (1987 And 2016)

Pink Mohican (1985 And 2016)

Sisters (1980 And 2013)

Good Friends (1980 And 2015)

Metal Mickey (1980 And 2016)

Jewellery Assistant (1990 And 2015)

Friends (1982 And 2011)

David Harvey And Tim Goodman (1980 And 2010)

County School Girls (1979 And 2016)

Pin Badges (1970 And 2013)

Ice Creams (1981 And 2015)

Tasbir’s First Job (1982 And 2016)

Before And After 40 Years

Eating Chips (1983 And 2016)

Flute Player (1986 And 2015)
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