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Dog Owner Builds A Doggie Stairlift For Her Three Elderly Rescued Pugs

An occupational therapist from New Orleans thought of a great idea of how to help her rescue senior dogs get up and down the stairs in her home easier.



(TMU) – The pandemic caused millions across the globe to adopt new habits and change, or stop many of the habits we took for granted, and many stay-at-homers took the opportunity to do the things they never seemed to have time for before.

With spring cleaning, home and garden maintenance done and dusted, people turned to meditation, reading, writing, taking online courses, participating in online classes with literally an alphabet of choices, from Art to Zumba and everything in between.

As a result, many were inspired with new ideas. Some really great ideas were born, some big, some small, and some rather strange ones too.

Here’s just one such a completed project which is not only unique but also helpful to elderly and injured animal family members.

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Sonya Karimi, an occupational therapist from New Orleans, thought of a great idea of how to help her rescue senior dogs get up and down the stairs in her home easier.

Sonya decided to design and build her doggo’s a small wooden stair lift which she aptly named the Doggie-vator. Not surprising, the response to her sharing the footage of her creation on social media was overall positive and people were delighted by the canine lift and the doggo’s riding in it.

The inspiration for the idea came when she adopted Bodhi a couple of months ago. Bodhi had a torn ligament and struggled with the stairs, as did her two older pugs.

As an occupational therapist Sonya is used to stairlifts for people and Bohdi’s injury sparked the lightbulb moment.

“At work, I’ve seen how helpful stairlifts are to people so I was surprised there wasn’t anything similar for dogs with all the different products that are available for pets nowadays. So I thought that we might be able to create something ourselves for our dogs to use. “They’ve adapted to it so quickly, I thought I’d have to train them for a while to get used to it but they just get on it as if they’ve had it for years! The two older pugs love it especially – they won’t use the stairs, they will sit there and wait until the ride is ready for them and it’s so cute.” the creator told Daily Mail.

Of course the idea of the lift was to make life easier for the senior family members. And, as would be expected, four year old Emery loves riding the lift, as do her other kids.

For a ride to the top of the stairs with the ‘Doggie-vator’, the dogs walk up a non-slip wooden ramp into a wooden box, which is then closed for safety to ensure the passenger won’t be tempted to jump out mid-journey. Then after that, it’s a simple matter of pressing the remote control button and the dog travels up the stairs and exits on the upstairs landing. Amazing.

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