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Get Ready For Spectacular Night Skies Because August Will Have 3 Meteor Showers

The skies are filled with exciting celestial events this month.



(TMU) – July was packed with exciting celestial events, including the third penumbral lunar eclipse of the year, several planets visible to the naked eye and three meteor showers which continue into August to reach their peak.

The trio of Meteor Showers that are active this month:

Southern Delta Aquariid Meteor Shower

The Southern Delta Aquariids which can produce up to 25 meteor showers per hour were active from July 12 and continue until August 23. Visible from the Southern Hemisphere and southern latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere between midnight until an hour before sunrise. The southern Delta is named after the constellation Aquarius from where they seem to originate from.

Alpha Capricornid Meteor Shower

The Alpha Capricornid meteor shower produces fewer, slower and brighter meteors of up to five per hour and often produce fireballs. Active from July 3 through to August 15 and best viewed in the Southern Hemisphere, these showers are named after the constellation Capircornus from where they appear to radiate from.

Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid meteor shower was active from July 17 through to August 24, peaking on August 11th and 12th. The Perseids produce more fireballs than any other meteor shower and during its peak produces between 50 and 70 meteors per hour. Visible in the Northern Hemisphere, the Perseids are active between midnight and an hour before sunrise. The constellation of Perseus the hero is from where these showers appear to radiate from and is named after.

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