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This Family Found A Real Live Koala Hanging Out In Their Christmas Tree

That’s not something you see every day.



I think we all need a little cheering up after the way this year has gone, so, here’s a story guaranteed to make you smile!

This South Australian family found more than a present left by Santa this week, when they returned home after stepping out for the afternoon – the McCormicks found a real live koala nestled among the branches of their Christmas tree!

“Well, that’s something you don’t see every day,” McCormick wrote. “We just came home to a real life koala up our Xmas tree in our lounge room!”

You’re probably wondering how on earth the koala had managed to land up in someone’s living room Christmas tree – It seems the sneaky little creature had come in through a door which was left open for the McCornicks pet dog, and she managed to find a nice little spot to make herself at home in!

After taking some photos of their surprise Christmas gift, the family called the Adelaide and Hills Koala Rescue, but at first the operator thought it was a prank call: “The call went through to our 24-hour hotlines and of course the operator at first thought it was a prank call,” Hearne-Hellon, the co-founder of the rescue group said.

Eventually they believed her and came to help get the koala out of the tree and back where she belonged. She’d also gotten herself quite tangled up in the lights and had even tried to eat the leaves of the plastic tree.

The team at the Adelaide and Hills Koala Rescue released the koala, who was nicknamed Daphne, into a tree in a nearby bushy area.

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