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Former Employees: Elon Musk’s Neuralink is an Absolute Disaster

Trouble seems to be brewing at Neuralink.



At Neuralink, trouble is still building. However, despite co-founder Elon Musk’s conviction that the brain-computer interface business would begin human testing later this year, many experts remain skeptical.

In a new interview with Fortune, numerous departed workers describe how chaotic the firm has become, putting even more doubt on Musk’s grandiose plans for the year ahead.

Six former Neuralink workers alleged that the firm is under great pressure to accomplish extraordinarily unrealistic targets, resulting in a revolving door of leadership. 

A former employee told the magazine that “there was this top-down dissatisfaction with the pace of progress even though we were moving at unprecedented speeds.” They added that, “still, Elon was not satisfied.”

A hostile and aggressive working environment, according to the staff, has been created by Musk in particular, who has insisted on unreasonable deadlines for very ambitious objectives. According to them, employees were often concerned about upsetting the founder if his expectations weren’t satisfied.

“Everyone in that whole empire is just driven by fear,” one employee of Musk’s enterprises told Fortune magazine of his employer’s operations. As a result, Neuralink saw a high rate of turnover, which included the departure of a large portion of the initial leadership team.

Co-founder Max Hodak unexpectedly announced his departure from the business in May 2021, without providing a clear explanation for his decision. But there were some hints that he and Musk did not get along and that Hodak was, in fact, fired by the billionaire entrepreneur.

The reports that Musk’s companies, like SpaceX and Tesla, have terrible work climates are becoming more widespread. These organizations are without a doubt at the forefront of fascinating and creative technology; nevertheless, this should not come at the price of the mental health and physical well-being of their workers.

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