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Alaskan Arctic Northern Light Auroras Captured In Pristine Awe-Inspiring 8K Video

Just… wow.



Vincent Ledvina, a physics student who is also a great astrophotographer, caught a breathtaking 8K footage of the Northern Lights while on a trip to Alaska.

Ledvina recently returned from a three-week camping expedition near Fort Yukon, Alaska, capturing auroras on clear-sky nights. The astrophotographer is now studying physics at the University of North Dakota with hopes of becoming a space weather forecaster.

Ledvina’s goal at the Fort Yukon Long Range Radar Site was to test a theory regarding how pulsating or flashing auroras develop.

“The design of the mission was to have the sounding rocket launch into the aurora from the city of Fairbanks on a northward trajectory while high-speed cameras captured the pulsating aurora in two locations, Venetie and Fort Yukon,” Ledvina explains.

Ledvina spent eight of seventeen nights at Fort Yukon under clear skies, with the auroras shining “extremely bright” as a result of some solar wind that triggered geomagnetic activity.The film was filmed using a variety of lenses on Ledvina’s Sony a7r II, Sony a7s, and Sony a7 IV cameras, which were all Sony a7 models.

“The rocket’s path would fly over the town of Venetie at an altitude of around 350 km and then crash land somewhere in the remote wilderness in the north slope of Alaska,” said Ledvina.

Adding to my luck, some pockets of fast solar wind from the Sun helped spur geomagnetic activity, and the auroras were extremely bright and danced every night the skies were clear!”

You can enjoy the incredible result of his efforts below.

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