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In Horrifying Footage, A Great White Shark Is Seen Circling Family Boat For An Hour Before Attacking



In Australia’s south-west region, David Tuckfield, his wife Kunya, and their son Shelby, 14, were fishing off the coast of Mandurah on Friday, April 15, when the shark came up and began thrashing about, striking the boat.

When the big 14-foot great white shark circled their boat for more than an hour, an Australian family got a lot closer than they bargained for. The shark even chomped on the boat’s engine a few times. Photographs and video of the mind-blowing experience are presently doing the rounds on social media platforms.

“We had a big visitor from the deep come up, nice size … white pointer,” David Tuckfield told 9News.

While fishing with his wife Tanya and his 14-year-old son Shelby off the coast of Mandurah, south of Perth, the apex predator approached their 24-foot boat and attempted to take the teenager’s catch.

“He tried to take a chunk out of the motor, we were mesmerized.” He continues.

Tanya’s blood-curdling scream can be heard in the clip when the great white, which Tuckfield estimates to be 14 feet long, breaches behind the boat with its jaws wide open, leading Tuckfield to call out for help. Later in the video, the giant can be seen chewing the engine with its enormous jaws, which is rather impressive.

Jaws ultimately swam away after an hour of circling the vessel and having its way with the motor.

David is a fisherman with a keen eye and his wife Kunya both said that they had never previously had such a close encounter with a great white shark or seen one that was this large. “I had goosebumps! I never saw a shark that large before.”

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