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After My Penis Fell Off And I Regrew It On My Arm, I Feel Like a Real Man Again

A man who lost his penis has had an artificial member surgically fitted to his pubic area – six years after it was constructed by physicians on his arm.



A man who lost his penis due to a serious blood illness has had an artificial member surgically fitted to his pubic area – six years after it was constructed by physicians on his arm!

According to the New York Post, Malcolm MacDonald now says he finally feels like a real man again thanks to the surgery. Malcolm had his penis surgically relocated from his left arm to his pubic region, according to the magazine. The Post reports that urologists and plastic surgeons moved nerves and blood arteries from his arm to his new prosthetic penis, enabling him to create a blood supply. Malcolm’s new penis, created by Professor David Ralph at London’s University College Hospital, even has a urethra!

Initially, surgeons used a skin flap from the father’s left arm to create a new penis for him. Due to a shortage of oxygen in his blood, they were forced to abort their plan to relocate the artificial member to his pubic region. He was left with a prosthetic phallus protruding from his forearm.

Finally, after six long years, Malcolm underwent the nine-hour operation. In a new Channel 4 documentary, the 47-year-old Brit talks about his life with his new penis: “It was a nine-hour op. The first thing I did was look down and I was like, ‘Oh my days. They got it this time. I feel like a real man again. This could be a turning point in my life.”

In the documentary, called “The Man With a Penis on his Arm”, Malcom tells of a funny moment when he was assisting an older woman at the grocery store, only to have his penis plop out of his sleeve and hit her on the head as he helped her to reach something. “It’s something to tell the grandchildren, isn’t it?” The father of two says.

Back in 2020, Malcolm described life with a penis attached to his arm: “People ask me about it when they see me in the pub, and of course people make jokes. But I get it. It’s not every day you see a man with a penis on his arm. Of course, I see the funny side. I have to. I don’t have any other option.”

The best part about Malcolm’s new penis is that it’s even better than the one he was born with. “They were happy to listen to what I wanted it to be like, which was amazing. Not many can say they have a designer penis. My luck in life hasn’t been too good so far, but it can only go bad for so long, can’t it?” he stated. “Can you imagine six years of your life with a penis swinging on your arm? It’s been a nightmare, but it’s gone now.”

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