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It Appears Bam Margera Has Gone Missing From Court Appointed Rehab



According to a report from the Delray Beach police department, authorities are seeking for the problematic “Jackass” actor Bam Margera after he skipped out on his most recent stay in rehabilitation.

According to TMZ, the management of the Florida rehabilitation facility reported the professional skateboarder missing on Monday after the celebrity reportedly voiced his discontent with the venue’s services and “restrictions.”

The high-profile personality, who is 42 years old and has just finished almost a year of treatment for his drug misuse problems, is apparently under pressure from his friends and family to check back into the facility in the state of Florida where he previously received care, The NY post reports.

In the meanwhile, Margera’s most recent social media post can be seen on Instagram, and it includes an upbeat picture and caption: “MMA fighter, chiropractor and ten years sober Dominick, is my new AA sponsor.??#f–KYeah.”

The manager of the rehabilitation facility indicated in the police report that Margera said to her that he intended to check himself into a different rehabilitation facility in the Florida region before leaving in a black car.

According to the management, Bam was required to be there as a result of a court order; thus, the staff members at the rehabilitation facility were concerned when it looked that he had gone without permission. On the other hand, they emphasized the fact that he did not seem to be a threat to either himself or other people.

According to TMZ, local law enforcement has been looking for Margera for the last two days without any success.

After getting into an argument with his wife, Nicole Boyd, who filed for custody of their now-4-year-old son, Phoenix, in September 2021, but did not request a divorce, the “impulsive” stunt performer is now staying at a sober living facility, according to sources close to him who spoke to the outlet. Nicole Boyd filed for custody of their son in September 2021.

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