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Crazy Video Shows Wind Turbine Catching Fire, Creating Spiral Smoke Pattern

Lightning hit a windmill in Texas last week, and the resulting smoke rings were impressive.



Lightning hit a windmill in Texas last week, and the resulting smoke rings were impressive.

A citizen of Texas was driving by when he pulled out his phone and recorded a 45-second clip of the flames on camera. The film was so compelling that the local news picked it up.

The video shows a blazing blade whirling around while the turbine continues to turn, causing a spiral of smoke rings to be produced. After just a few seconds, the flames get much more intense, and the whole edifice eventually comes crashing down.

The creator remarked in reaction to a post about his clip that was made on social media: “That was pretty insane to watch!”

Another user on Twitter managed to catch video from the other angle at the same time, which shows the windmill in the background and the farm equipment in the front of the frame.

Windpower, an industry publication, asserts that the majority of manufacturers produce turbines with fundamental characteristics such as grounding down conductors.

Furthermore, some farmers have access to supplementary instruments that can forecast the arrival of electrical storms.

On the other hand, not all wind turbines are created equal, and a significant wind farm would often consist of turbines produced by a variety of companies.

The loss of a single commercial wind turbine may have a considerable effect on a company’s bottom line, depending on the size of the installation and how profitable it is expected to be. The typical cost of a commercial wind turbine is anywhere between $2 million and $4 million.

The fact that wind turbines, like all devices, have flaws is not something that should come as a shock to anybody. It’s possible that this one malfunctioned, or was poorly made.

However, when seen as a whole, wind power seems to be an intriguing component of the jigsaw that is sustainable infrastructure. Just don’t allow one spectacular failure to turn you away from it. Despite the naysayers, wind power is a great renewable energy source, paying for itself in about 6 months in optimal conditions, according to

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