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Man Saved by Dolphins Just in Time as Huge Shark Approaches to Feast

A group of dolphins protected the swimmer from a shark just in the nick of time.



Man Saved By Dolphins

A huge shark gave a British swimmer the scare of his life when he realized the massive predator was following him through the water.

In the year 2014, a man named Adam Walker from Nottingham was swimming in the waters off the coast of New Zealand when the predator was spotted hiding in the depths below.

At the time, he was under the impression that there were no sharks in the area and that he could go swimming in the Cook Strait without any concerns.

He was wrong.

But as chance would have it, a group of dolphins appeared just in time to protect Adam from any potential harm and potentially save his life.

Adam can be seen in footage uploaded to YouTube midway through his 16-mile challenge, with a support boat following close behind.

Then, all of a sudden, a school of dolphins emerges from the ocean and circles the man. A couple of the dolphins can even be seen jumping into the air just beside him in the video.

Adam Walker. Credit: Adam Walker/Facebook

Dolphins are a common target for sharks, therefore they must rely on one other to keep each other safe.

Adam described the event in a post he made on Facebook at the time, stating that it was an unforgettable experience and that he had the impression that the creatures were keeping him safe while he was swimming.

“Swimming with dolphins on my 6th of Oceans 7 swims ‘Cook Strait’ open water swimming doesn’t get any better than this!! Dream come true!” he wrote.

“I’d like to think they were protecting me and guiding me home. This swim will stay with me forever.”

Incredibly, Adam was under the impression that no sharks were anywhere near him until he got out of the water.

On the other hand, Adam disclosed that until he got out of the water, he was completely unaware that there was a shark anywhere near him.

Before he entered the sea, a friend of his had assured him that there wouldn’t be any problems with sharks, so when he found out the truth, he wasn’t in the best of moods.

Adam told the Marlborough Express that he “had a go at him when I got out.”

The creatures team up and use their big snouts to beat the sharks’ underbellies and gills if the predator comes in for an assault.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation organization said: “The main advantage dolphins have against shark attacks is safety in numbers; they stick together in pods and defend one another from a shark’s attack by chasing and ramming it.”

“Dolphins are able to protect vulnerable members of their pods and extended families such as young dolphins and injured or sick dolphins.”

Adam’s swim took him a total of 8 hours and 36 minutes to finish.

It was the sixth in a series of difficult swimming challenges he had set in an effort to generate some money and awareness for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

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