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Shocking Videos Show Massive Hail Smashing Through Car Windows With Passengers Inside

Multiple people sustained injuries and at least three were significantly harmed.



Massive Hail Car Windows

Terrifying video captured the surreal moment on Monday (July 1) when motorists on a major Canadian highway were pummeled by golf ball-sized hail.

While Gibran Marquez and two other passengers were driving along the Queen Elizabeth II Highway, a key road in Alberta between Edmonton and Calgary, they had to suddenly pull over when their car was pelted repeatedly by hail.

Marquez shared the shocking footage of the freak hailstorm on Twitter Tuesday (August 2), which shows their car dodge huge hailstones with people inside covering their heads and screaming “oh my god” as hail smashes into the vehicle and they hide from glass shattering around them.

In the videos, you can see the windows on the driver’s side of the car start to shatter as massive chunks of hail break through, with the back window breaking as well.

The driver then shields the female passenger from the breaking windshield in his arms as hail enters the vehicle.

People can also be heard screaming outside as the storm continues.

Some of the passengers even suffered cuts, bruises and mild concussions due to the hail, Marquez added.

According to Global News, the hail was part of a storm system yesterday that smashed through the windows of at least 70 cars.

“They don’t have exact numbers yet because it was so much chaos,” said Alberta RCMP media relations officer Cpl. Gina Slaney. “Those numbers might change.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed that multiple people sustained injuries and at least three were significantly harmed—one man cut his neck, a woman had a panic attack and another guy “went into shock.”

The huge storm also featured a tornado warning for several hours.

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