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A Mysterious Boeing 737 Was Randomly Discovered In A Field And No One Knows How It Got There

So far, no one has been able to provide an explanation as to how it got there.



Boeing 737

There’s a bizarre mystery surrounding a Boeing 737 left abandoned in the middle of a random field in Bali, a province of Indonesia.

So far, no one has been able to provide an explanation as to how the plane originally got there. It has no identification or branding on it. 

The mysterious aircraft is only a short drive from the well-known Pandawa beach, which is located in a limestone quarry next to the Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Highway.

A plethora of theories have emerged attempting to explain the strange circumstances as to how the Boeing 737 could have possibly ended up there, but so far nobody has been able to.

The explanation that has gained the most traction among locals is that the plane was simply put there at some point by a wealthy businessman.

According to rumors, the unidentified businessman intended to convert the plane into a restaurant but ran out of money before he could finish the project. Legend has it that as a result, he merely left the Boeing 737 parked in the field when he ran out of money.

However, just to be clear: that explanation has never been verified by any kind of official source.

Despite the fact that the mysteriously abandoned aircraft has aroused the interest of a large number of urban explorers from around the world over the years, the plane is now unfortunately gated off and can only be seen from a specific viewpoint.

If you are interested in seeing it for yourself, Tony Dunnell from Atlas Obscura has provided some excellent advice for anyone interested in going there. He says that it is “easy enough to reach” as long as you can “spot it from the road.”

“The view of the plane is obstructed from the highway, so you need to keep your eyes open, or you could easily miss it, “ Dunnell explains

He continues: “When you come across a wall of sea containers on the side of the road, you are have arrived. You can see the plane by climbing up onto the containers that surround it.”

“Or, for a better view, head slightly further down the road where you’ll find a path that leads up above the plane. You’ll have to pay a small fee to enter, as the plane is on private property.”

It may come as a shock, but there is actually a second stranded Boeing 737 in Bali, and travelers are more than welcome to explore this one.

The second abandoned Boeing 737 in Bali.

Oddly enough, there are rumors that it was also supposed to be converted into a restaurant at one point.

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