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Artist Transforms the 12 Zodiac Signs into Terrifying Monsters



We all have seen lots of different illustrations of zodiac signs, but I’m sure you’ve never seen anything similar to what Damon Hellandbrand depicted. This talented US-based artist went beyond the usual representation of beautiful fantasy creatures we often see in astrology books, and portrayed the 12 symbols of the Zodiac as monstrous human-animal hybrids that seem to be taken from someone’s creepiest nightmares.

Of course, at the first sight his illustrations may seem rather disturbing, but the way the artist interpreted the familiar to all of us zodiac signs is quite curious. As he said, “I have a fondness for anything fantasy related or anything that doesn’t exist in reality, and mythology certainly has that in spades.”

The fact that zodiac characters have been around for centuries and are familiar to most people inspired Hellandbrand to reimagine them. “The zodiac signs were basically just a way for me to take something that was familiar to everyone and place my own twist on it.

To create most of his art, Hellenbrand uses various digital illustration programs, but some pieces were made with pencil and watercolor. “I’m fascinated and inspired by all forms of art, from the great masters of the past to the current masters of the present, as well as the amazing works of mother nature,” he writes at his website. Hellenbrand reveals that his art is mainly influenced by Ralph McQuarrie, Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta.

Take a look at these incredible illustrations and share with us your thoughts about the artist’s vision of your own sign of Zodiac.



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