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Trees that Can Predict Earthquakes, Are Humans Next?



The earth has undergone some serious changes lately, and while she unloads negative energy, we have been subjected to earthquakes, tsunamis, and other strange weather events.

Researchers have even brought the healing of the earth into mainstream science, noticing that she heals after an earthquake, very similar to the way our own body might heal from a deep cut.

After the devastating, magnitude 7.9 Wenchuan, China earthquake the earth went to fixing herself straightaway. Within two years — a blink of the eye in geologic time — the fault created by this earthquake was quickly knitting itself back together, closing gaps through a combination of processes. But the gashes occasionally reopened when damaged by shaking from distant earthquakes.

This is just one example of how the earth repairs herself after a traumatic event – but what of human life?

The Intelligence of Trees

This is where trees come in. It goes without saying that not only does the earth have to repair major damage in herself after an earthquake, but many lives are lost, and property damages are often in the tens of millions of dollars.

While expensive seismic equipment can sometimes forewarn of a pending earthquake, they often take scientists off guard – as evidenced by the many earthquakes that have caused serious damage to our world – from Fukushima to Chile to Sumatra.

Trees have a surprisingly complex range of electrical activity and rhythms. Just like us, they have circadian rhythms. These are coupled with others that are slower and faster moving, influenced by the waxing and waning of the sun and moon’s gravitational pull on the earth. There are even suspicions that trees and plants respond to human emotions. Daniel Chamovitz, director of the Manna Center for Plant Biosciences at Tel Aviv University, says that plants and trees think, smell, see, feel and remember. Would it be that surprising, with their ‘feet’ buried into the earth itself, that they would be incredible predictors of earthquake activity well before we might sense it?

Chamovitz says:

“. . . if we realize that all of plant biology arises from the evolutionary constriction of the “rootedness” that keep plants immobile, then we can start to appreciate the very sophisticated biology going on in leaves and flowers. If you think about it, rootedness is a huge evolutionary constraint. It means that plants can’t escape a bad environment, can’t migrate in the search of food or a mate. So plants had to develop incredibly sensitive and complex sensory mechanisms that would let them survive in ever changing environments.”

A NASA scientist, Friedemann Freund, has developed a theory that trees respond to the approach of earthquakes.

Explains that rocks deep in the earth act as batteries when they are stressed by tectonic forces preceding earthquakes. An electrical charge flows through rocks that seems to cause a response in the electrical activity of trees, potentially indicating an earthquake is imminent well before it happens. Trees could in fact, according to Freund and the Heart Math Institute, act as low-cost sensors to help predict these strange-weather occurrences. (source)

Schumann Resonances and Living Organisms

Freund also speaks of the Schumann Resonance in his studies:

“The Schumann Resonances are constantly fed by lighting strikes in the lower atmosphere. The reason is that every lighting bolt that hits the Earth emits electromagnetic radiation from very high frequencies, which one can actually hear in the old radios as a crackling noise from distant lightening strikes, to very low frequencies. One component, around 8 Hz, is the frequency that an electromagnetic (EM) wave needs to travel around the entire Earth. It can thus form a standing wave. I became interested in the influence these extremely low frequency waves might have on living organisms.

It turns out that our brains also emit EM radiation at sharply defined frequencies around 8 Hz. Prior to an earthquake, however, the earth sends out bursts of low and extremely low frequencies that cover the entire spectrum from 0.001 Hz to 100 Hz. These EM waves come from the belly of the earth. There are very interesting studies that link psychological and physiological phenomena in humans and animals to the approach of large earthquakes.”

If trees can detect an earthquake with an ‘awareness’ of these frequencies, might not humans soon learn to have the same capacity?

Freund and other researchers have found that two weeks prior to a major earthquake, people seem to flock to emergency rooms seeking medical help – for hypertension, and neurological disorders – might they just be confused by the signals that their bodies are giving them – and need to learn them as the trees do?

Aside from clairvoyance and other skills that certain among us have developed to ‘see’ into the future, reading the next earthquake might be as simple as tuning into the rhythms of the body that are inextricably intertwined with the earth, herself.

What do you think?

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