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Dream Interpretation: Awakening Hidden Meanings



Dreams are a narrative between our subconscious and conscious mind. In order to understand these messages, we must first learn to speak the language. So how do we start? It is a good idea to screen our dreams through different layers in order to understand what they are trying to tell us. Let’s explore.

This first level dream reflects images of recent experiences. For instance, something as basic as what did you do the day before? The second layer is that of personal meaning. What personal connection do you have to the symbols in your dreams? The third layer involves motifs that are part of the history of the human race, and shared by all people. Some examples would be the Mother Goddess, or the Cross in Christianity. Exploring each layer is a good place to start. And please remember to always read all symbols together, never one alone, just like in the reading of a good story or play.

If you are at a loss of where to start, that is completely normal. The first and most important step to dream interpretation is to keep a record of your dreams. A dream journal is an essential tool to ensure dreams are recorded as soon as you awake. Even the most vivid dreams can slip from your mind throughout the day. The closer you are to dream, the more accurate and detailed your record will be.

Once you’ve recorded the dreams that you are interested in analyzing, dream interpretation can be used to identify symbols, connections and patterns to uncover hidden meanings in your dreams. Dream interpretation can also connect patterns in your dreams to events, emotions and issues in your waking life.

To get started, try using guided interpretation. This guide provides you with an interactive journey to uncovering your dreams’ hidden messages. So, wake up and discover the benefits of dream interpretation today.

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