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Opening Your Third Eye



You have probably heard the expression “Opening Your Third Eye” but you might not understand what exactly that means. In order to explore this topic further, we first need to define the Third Eye.

A Brief History of the Third Eye

In Hinduism, the Third Eye is said to be the sixth chakra and is located around the middle of the forehead. In Theosophy it’s related to the pineal gland and according to theory in ancient times humans had an actual third eye in the back of the head with a physical and spiritual function. They believe over time the eye atrophied and sunk into what is now known as the pineal gland. In New age it’s a state of enlightenment. In Taoism and many traditional Chinese Religious sects there is “Third Eye training” to train you to tune into vibrations.

The Gateway to Enlightenment

As you can see, there are many interpretations of what the Third Eye is and where it’s located. To me, I just simply see the Third Eye as a gateway that we all have access to. Odds are if you are reading this article you are on the path to either opening your Third Eye or you have already done so and are enjoying navigating through this new found passion. I have had my Third Eye open for more than 30 years and still I feel like a kid in a candy store learning something new each day.

I’ve heard some talk of fears and the unknown related to the Third Eye and I will say to me the most important thing to know is wherever you are on your journey, it’s perfect. We are not here to fail. We are not here to be punished and we are not doomed. Once we can clean up our belief system and practice the knowing that everything is perfect at this very moment, life becomes so much easier.

How I Opened My Third Eye

I’m sure that there are a half a dozen ways to open your Third Eye out there but I can only honestly share how I opened mine – through meditation. Remember the Third Eye is a gateway. The moment you settle your thoughts and sit down, you will realize not to judge your thoughts. Instead, you need to allow them to flow and only view them as if they were on a conveyor belt. It is at that very moment you have passed through the gateway and your third eye is now open.

For me when I started to meditate that very process took me 45 minutes. My mind was quite stubborn. I would find myself with good intentions to sit and meditate—and ten minutes later I would be distracted by life once again. Instead of focusing like I should, I’d be thinking of all the little things in my head such as needing to pick up my dry cleaning, when the bank closes, and what to cook for dinner.

If this happens to you, you are completely normal. It takes some time to settle in and disconnect. The trick in all of this is to not judge yourself, instead just reel yourself in and laugh. Guided meditations are helpful as they allow you to sort of drift and then latch onto the voice to get back to business.

You Must Crawl Before You Run

Just as a child learns to crawl, walk, then run, it is important to realize that after you pass though this gateway or “open your Third Eye” that it will take a little bit of time to adjust to your new vision. For some you will see auras and the twinkling in the air of the dimensions and for others it will be an inner vision playing out like a daydream or a movie.

However it happens for you, it’s perfect. As you release your fears and clean up your belief system you will “see” more and more with the use of your Third Eye.

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