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Thousands of Wild Bison Appear At Standing Rock Out Of Nowhere! A Sign From The Earth?



Recently, tensions between law enforcement workers and peaceful protestors with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe have escalated. A series of standoffs have resulted in protesters being maced, shot with rubber bullets, tased, and even attacked with concussion cannons.

After months of struggles to protect sacred burial grounds and the Missouri River, opposition of the DAPL were blessed when a herd of buffalo appeared out of nowhere.

A cry of joy was heard over the crowd because The Standing Rock Sioux had reportedly been praying for help in the midst of the standoff.

“The ancestors are with us,” said Myron Dewey, who uploaded video footage of the stampede to Facebook.

Buffalo are revered as symbols of sacrifice in Native American culture. Indigenous people believe the animals, known as “Tatanka Oyate” or “Buffalo Nation,” sacrifice themselves in order to supply their meat and hides for people.

According to RT:

At least 117 demonstrators have been arrested in North Dakota as protesters continue to protest against the construction of the controversial pipeline, which will cut through Native American land. Protesters say its construction will destroy sacred sites and have a negative impact on the region’s water supplies.

In a statement from the tribe’s chairman, David Archambault II, the leader condemned what he called the recent “militarized law enforcement” against protesters.

“Militarized law enforcement agencies moved in on water protectors with tanks and riot gear today,” he said. “We continue to pray for peace. We call on the state of North Dakota to oversee the actions of local law enforcement to, first and foremost, ensure everyone’s safety.”

(1) bisons from videobuzz on Vimeo.

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