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California Just Got More Rain in the First 2 Weeks of January Than All of 2013



Drought in the Golden State? Not anymore. California has been wrestled free from its years-long drought, which many claim was a failed cabal attempt at causing food riots throughout the nation. San Francisco and other parts of California are experiencing a new type of extreme weather now – an atmospheric condition being called the “Pineapple Express” – which will likely overturn a six-year drought in a single month.

CA Rainfall

Satellite Image of Recent California Rainfall

California’s drought threatened the food supply for the entire U.S. because the single state, via the Central Valley, grows more than half of all our fruit, nuts, and vegetables.

California had been experiencing the driest conditions in 100 years putting crops, and thousands of farmers and their workers in jeopardy. The state has also been subjected to strict water conservation and even hefty fines for anyone who used more water than state officials deemed appropriate.

Now, there’s so much rain in California, particularly in Marin County, that people are having to be evacuated. The deluge is being attributed to winter storms, but these are just as unusual as the past years’ drought, and there’s still more to come.

The rain and snow, even, caused Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s to issue a warning for Kern, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo and Tulare counties in southern California. The declaration warned that people should expect “extraordinary and continuing rainfall” that is likely to cause more flooding and landslides in the region and authorizes state assistance to local authorities.

Some areas have received more than 10 to 20 inches of rain in just a few days. Tropical Hawaiian waters are essentially being dumped on California causing the worst flooding the state has seen since prior to the drought, in 2005.

According to NASA,

“Between 30 and 50 percent of the annual precipitation in the western U.S. comes from just a few atmospheric river events.”

As EcoWatch reports,

More than 350 billion gallons of water poured into Northern California reservoirs last week. Reservoirs from Mount Shasta to Lake Tahoe filled faster than any time since 1922. Lake Shasta is the state’s largest reservoir, a crucial water source enabling agriculture in the otherwise dry San Joaquin Valley. Lake Shasta is now 82 percent full.”

Are these strange weather events, from severe drought to a massive flood caused by weather modification weapons?

Marc Salvo believes that California’s clouds were seeded in response to El Niño. (These comments are from over fifteen years ago):

“El Niño has brought some much needed rain to California in recent months, but a Los Angeles storm earlier this week may owe some credit to unnatural modifications. For the first time since 2002, the Department of Public Works has turned to cloud seeding, using generators to shoot silver iodide into the clouds to produce more rain. The county estimates that this produces roughly 15 percent more rainfall… Cloud seeding is a weather modification process that aims to increase the amount of rain in a particular area.”

Dane Wigington, of Geo Engineering Watch, believes that the drought itself was triggered by a more pervasive weather modification. He makes a good case that the state of California has been a “sacrifice” and directs the blame at HAARP technology and the constant spewing of aerosols from chemtrails that blanket the state:

“With the combination of constant aerosol spraying and ionosphere heater utilization (HAARP) the climate engineers have effectively cut off the flow of moisture to the state of California. Why? There are likely a number of probable reasons. First, California is possibly a climate ‘sacrifice zone’. This means that California is collateral damage for the constant parade of engineered snow storms that occurred further east in the US all winter long.

The rain blocking high pressure ridge that the climate engineers have locked in place over the western US and the eastern Pacific pushes the jet stream straight north, carrying the moisture with it before rain can come anywhere near California.

This moisture then travels as far as Alaska and the Arctic (Alaska logged its warmest January on record).  The jet is then turned back south as it wraps clockwise around the HAARP/ionosphere heater created dome of high pressure. Then, it is pumped all the way down to the southern US carrying heavily sprayed and chemically ice nucleated moisture with it which enhances the artificial cool down of the eastern U.S..”

Did the Alliance make it rain in California to counteract a lengthy drought?

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