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“Jurassic Park” Style Giant Border Wall to help Exterminate Millions of Animals



Usually native tribes to countries conquered by colonial powers hundreds of years ago don’t choose to help the government exterminate millions of animals.

In New Zealand however, some Māori Iwi leaders seem more than willing to sell out. In 2014, the Ngāti Kurī native tribe signed a Deed of Settlement under something called the Treaty of Waitangi resettlement process, basically accepting millions of dollars from the New Zealand government to forgive the crown for conquering their people.

Many within and outside the Māori Iwi community considered the multi million dollar settlement a sellout move. They weren’t the only tribe to accept such payments.

This is Russell Kemp, from the Northland Iwi tribe of Te Uri O Hau.

Image credit: Radio NZ


He influenced his tribe to accept a similar deal in the year 2000. According to Radio NZ:

“In 1991, he lodged the Wai 229 Treaty Claim with the Waitangi Tribunal for Te Uri O Hau and was a negotiator for the tribe which signed its deed of settlement in the Crown in 2000.

He was the chairman of both Te Uri O Hau Settlement Trust and Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whātua.”

He was made an officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit: if you know what this “honor” is about, you’d know a native leader would have to completely sell out to obtain it.

Image credit: Wiki


Who else is an officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit? Former New Zealand Minister of Conservation, Maggie Barry.

Image credit: NZ Herald


She started a program called “Predator Free 2050,” a ruthless, animal-genocidal government plan to exterminate just about every last non-native mammal to New Zealand.

What appear to be millions of animals are set to be exterminated with a dangerous toxin that leeches into the water supply and poisons human beings and other animals under this unprecedented program of death.

As we mentioned in a previous article about Maggie Barry’s plan, the New Zealand government is set to use artificial intelligence linked killing machines equipped with paintball gun type things, that shoot 1080 poison (sodium fluoroacetate), to kill off apparently all non-native mammals to New Zealand by the year 2050. They claim these animals are “predators,” but herbivores suffer too.

So why did the New Zealand government enthusiastically dish out millions to these Iwi, and other tribes who signed deeds of settlement? Because the money came with strings attached.

Possibly using this very same money, now these Iwi of Northland will devote $1.2 million to constructing a gigantic, “Jurassic Park-style anti-pest fence.”

Image credit: Newshub


The native people who sold out to the government are now apparently going to use this money to build a giant fence, to help the government exterminate more animals than perhaps any regime in the history of the world.

From coast to coast, this fence will supposedly “protect” a region of the country, but I doubt that’s all it will do. No doubt, it will be used to exterminate the species that were introduced into the country, and now in my opinion should not be “un-introduced.”

I believe they should not be exterminated because one, it’s impossible, and two, it’s immoral to a magnitude that few people can even comprehend. In my opinion, nature would sort itself out better than a massive government program to kill off animals with high technology and poison.

The fence will stretch 8.5 kilometers, from beneath the West Coast Te Paki sand dunes, to the Parengarenga Harbour, south to Te Hapua on the east coast. It will cross State Highway 1, which raises some concerns about the potential for this fence to actually trap humans.

Image credit: Newshub


In case you missed the main article we published about this, here’s what happens when animals are poisoned with 1080. According to the World League for Protection of Animals, the symptoms suffered by animals hit with 1080 poison include:

“restlessness; increased hyperexcitability; incontinence or diarrhea; excessive salivation; abrupt bouts of vocalization; and finally sudden bursts of violent activity. All affected animals then fall to the ground in teranic seizure, with hind limbs or all four limbs and sometimes the tail extended rigidly from their arched bodies. At other times the front feet are clasped together, clenched or used to scratch frantically at the cage walls. This tonic phase is then followed by a clonic phase in which the animals lie and kick or ‘paddle’ with the front legs and sometimes squeal, crawl around and bite at objects. During this phase the tongue and penis may be extruded, their eyes rolled back so that only the whites show and the teeth ground together. Breathing is rapid but laboured, with some animals partly choking on their saliva. Finally such individuals begin to relax, breathing more slowly and shallowly and lying quietly with the hind legs still extended but apparently semiparalysed”

They are going to poison every single non-native mammal in New Zealand with that, and create thousands if not millions of cases of unimaginable suffering and horror for these animals.

A a lot of suffering and horror: that’s what this Predator Free 2050 plan is, and it looks like these native leaders fully sold out.

If you want more mundane details about this completely messed up plan, take it from this mainstream New Zealand article:

“It’s the same length as the fence that wraps around Zealandia, formerly known as the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, a protected natural area in Wellington. But Ngāti Kuri’s will navigate some slightly more challenging terrain.

While the Ngāti Kuri board has signed off on the concept, it’s still researching what to do about roads to ensure the traffic flowing through the fence is pest-free. It plans to announce a timeline for the start of construction later this year.”

Image credit: Newshub


It’s all about saving endangered species, and conservation, right? No, it’s about control of land, people, and everything under the sun.

Any time a government seeks to kill mass amounts of animals with artificially intelligent killing machines, and erect giant walls under the guise of protecting the environment, people should be suspicious.

This is nothing short of a nightmare, don’t fall for it.


(Image credit: commons.wikimedia)

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