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Presidential Candidate Makes Campaign Promise to Reveal Secrets of Area 51

Andrew Yang became the first candidate in the 2020 race to make a campaign promise in relation to Area 51.



Area 51 Andrew Yang

(TMU) — The secret U.S. military base known as Area 51 has been on basically everyone’s mind this month, thanks to a strange viral campaign to raid it that has gathered a great deal of attention online.

This week, entrepreneur and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang became the first—and perhaps only—candidate in the 2020 race to make a campaign promise in relation to Area 51.

Yang said that he would “love” to declassify Area 51 in the spirit of “government transparency,” but added that he would need to make sure that it was safe to reveal the information to the public first.

In a short interview with CBS, Yang said:

“So I have to see what the information is, but if it’s something I could declassify, I would love to do that. I’m a huge fan of transparency and anything that isn’t going to do the public harm, so if I become privy to any information about aliens or Area 51 or anything that I am able to share, I will share it.”

When asked how he felt about the plan to invade the facility with a horde of civilians, Yang didn’t believe that it was a good idea, but said that it would be much easier to just wait until he gets into office so that whatever is happening at the site can be revealed without incident.

“If you want to know what’s going on in Area 51, you know who you need to get in the White House in 2020. That’s Yang for Area 51, and really, full disclosure. That’s where our government should be. Transparency in all things, as long as it’s not going to hurt the national interest,” Yang said.

Of the nearly 2 million people who have promised to attend the event on Facebook, it is unclear how many will actually show up.

The organizer of the event has said that the whole thing is just a joke, but that hasn’t stopped people from all over the country making plans to visit the highly classified government facility.

According to NPR, the only nearby hotel has sold out of the few rooms that they had available, and are now renting spaces on their property so curiosity seekers can set up camp in the desert.

For most of the people involved, this appears to be a joke, but it is no laughing matter for the U.S. military.

As the Mind Unleashed reported earlier this week, US Air Force spokesperson Laura McAndrews addressed the impending invasion in a statement, saying that Area 51, “is an open training range for the U.S. Air Force, and we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces.” 

“The U.S. Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets,” she added

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