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Family’s Insurance Denies 3-Year-Old Boy Life-Saving Surgery

Despite the bad news, Noah’s parents still plan to move forward with the procedure that could cost $1 million.



Noah Connally

(TMU) — Noah Connally has had more challenges in his short three years than most people amass in a lifetime. In fact, Noah’s problems began before he was even born and now, faced with the opportunity to receive a life-saving surgery, his family’s insurance is trying to deny the three-year-old another chance at life.

Noah’s mom learned he was plagued with hypoplastic left heart syndrome during her 20-week ultrasound. At 28 weeks, Noah’s mom consented to a risky surgery in attempt to save the left ventricle of her unborn baby’s heart. Unfortunately, his left ventricle did not improve, rendering his heart only half formed and unable to effectively pump blood through his body.

At three years old, Noah has undergone numerous heart surgeries and has traveled with his parents, Sean and Niccole, to Boston Children’s Hospital all the way from California for what could be a life-saving surgery. The only problem: the family’s health insurance provider won’t pay for the surgery.

Hours before we left for our trip to come here last week, we got a call saying that you have not been preauthorized,” Noah’s dad said.

Despite an appeal, the insurance company continues to deny coverage of the procedure.

“It’s just unreal,” Noah’s mom said. “The only place in America that give our son what he needs, and our Blue Cross insurance in California won’t help us pay for it.”

Despite the bad news, Noah’s parents still plan to move forward with the procedure that could cost the family up to $1 million. Noah, his four sisters, and parents already live with family in attempt to cut costs, but are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to help Noah lead a “typical” life.

“It’s a lot, and I keep reflecting on that number, and all I can come up with is that as parents, we’ll do anything for our kids,” said Niccole Connally.

Noah’s 10-hour surgery is scheduled for Thursday.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a million (dollars) or $6 million, you know, we’re going to keep fighting for our son and make sure he has the best possible outcome,” said Sean Connally.

To learn more about Noah, his family, and what you can do to help, visit the family’s website. As of the writing of this article, the family has raised more than $33,000 of their $1 million goal on GoFundMe.

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