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Black Garlic Proven to Treat Heart Disease and Common Cold

Black garlic is a wonderful food for heart health, brain health and the immune system.



(TMU) — Garlic has been used throughout the ages as a medicinal food to help support cardiovascular health, brain health, immune system health and has also been used as a treatment for the common cold and is known to be a strong antibiotic.

Black garlic is different from regular garlic in that it is aged and heated over the course of several weeks, which turns it black.
With 1 in 7 deaths in the United States resulting from Coronary Heart Disease, seeking natural treatments is of increasing interest to patients and practitioners.
A fascinating placebo-controlled human clinical trial looked at using black garlic extract as a treatment for people with coronary heart disease.
Black garlic was able to improve blood circulation, increase circulating antioxidant levels, improve quality of life, increase their walking distance and improve their left-ventricular ejection fraction!
Another study have shown how 2 1/2 grams of aged garlic extract per day can reduce the number of days sick from a cold or flu by 61%! Other studies have also shown how aged garlic extract can lower blood pressure in humans with hypertension.

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Other foods, herbs and nutrients that might interest cardiovascular patients include hibiscus, hawthorn berries, aronia berries, reishi mushrooms, and nutrients like fulvic acid and D-ribose.

As with any cardiovascular patient, exercise and nutrition is important to address if one is wanting to reverse or better their particular situation. Consuming regular garlic or black garlic in the diet is a wonderful way to support your heart, brain, arteries, immune system, respiratory system and other systems in the body.

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