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Man Pulled Out of Car While Assaulting His Girlfriend and Subdued by Furries

Furries to the rescue!




(TMU) — On Friday, a group of furries came to the rescue as a woman was being attacked by her boyfriend while behind the wheel of a car in San Jose, California. The attack happened in the street outside of a San Jose Marriott hotel where some fur enthusiasts were taking a smoke break near the city’s FurCon event.

Convention attendee Steven Rodriguez was among those who witnessed the attack on Friday night. The 26-year-old said that he was standing outside of the hotel when he noticed a car come to a sudden stop in the middle of the street. He could hear a woman’s voice screaming “get out” and saw a man in the passenger seat hitting the woman in the face.

It was pretty intense. We saw the passenger just whaling on her. Just a full-on punch,” Rodriguez said.

As soon as Rodriguez and his friend saw what happened they rushed towards the car and pulled the passenger door open. When they opened the door it became clear that the woman had been beaten—so they began to pull the man out of the car.

The attacker made an attempt to fight back but a group of furries rushed to the scene and managed to subdue the man before he was able to hurt anyone else. Footage of the encounter shows a pink dinosaur grappling with the attacker as a tiger grabs him from behind.

The video was filmed by Rodriguez who managed to slip away as the furries came in to help. Rodriguez told Mercury News that he is a “silent observer” of the furry culture and was in town for the afterparties.

It happened very, very fast and it was just a horrible thing to see. But overall, everyone was very happy that we stepped in,” Rodriguez said.

Police arrived after the furries did all of the hard work and 22-year-old Demetri Hardnett of San Jose was ultimately arrested for suspicion of domestic violence.

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