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Driver Spots Strange “Monolith” Hovering in Sky Above Pacific Northwest U.S.



The appearance of mysterious monoliths in Utah, Romania, and California’s central coast has piqued the interest of internet users in recent weeks, with some being tantalized by the mystery they could signify and others speculating that they could be a sign of a worsening of fortunes in 2020.

We expect that this will also be the case now that a “monolith” has been captured appearing in the heavens themselves.

A plumber in the Pacific Northwest, Jeff Jacobs, caught some amazing photos of what appears to be a “monolith in the sky” while driving home from work in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

It remains unknown what caused the strange phenomenon, which almost seems like a shadow being cast against a gorgeous sunset, but your guess is as good as ours.

Credit: Facebook/Jeff Jacobs

Jacobs snapped the dramatic photos for his wife Rena, but the 56-year-old motorist likely had no idea that the images would set off a whole new round of online speculation.

“All of a sudden this rectangle showed up,” Jacobs said, according to Metro. “It was only in the sky for a couple of seconds. It wasn’t there, then it was, and as quickly as it appeared, it was gone again. That quick!”

“I just thought ‘What the hell is that?’. I’m just a north Idaho boy and we don’t see things like that.”

Since the photos emerged, some have speculated that there may be some connection with the infamous Utah monolith, which was installed by unknown parties some 800 miles from Idaho.

“A couple of people have suggested it could be the monolith from Utah and it is that type of shape,” Jacobs added. “Utah isn’t that far away from Idaho in the grand scheme of the world, the two states are connected.”

The Idaho “sky monolith” has appeared mere days after the original monolith in Utah disappeared.

The initial discovery of the monolith by Utah public safety workers in the southwestern U.S. state generated significant viral buzz, with many comparing the monolith to those that trigger massive leaps in human progress in the classic Stanley Kubrick sci-fi film, “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Others bemoaned the discovery of the object in the turbulent year 2020, with some social media users complaining that the discovery of the monolith had triggered their anxiety over worsening fortunes in the year, including a possible extraterrestrial invasion.

The monolith was eventually dismantled by a pair of adventure athletes who were annoyed by the unauthorized installation of the structure in the delicate environment of Utah’s desert.

In a 23-second video uploaded to YouTube, Utah residents Andy Lewis and Sylvan Christensen can be seen dismantling and carrying away the 10-foot metal structure on Friday night.

In an Instagram post featuring the #LeaveNoTrace hashtag, Christensen later said that they decided to remove the monolith because of the damage it was inflicting on the remote region.

“Let’s be clear: The dismantling of the Utah Monolith is tragic—  and if you think we’re proud — we’re not. We’re disappointed,” Christensen wrote. “Furthermore, we were too late.”

Citing “ethical failures” of the artist who left a “gouge” in the sandstone to erect the monolith, Christensen added that the damage the artist wrought “was not even close to the damage caused by the internet sensationalism and subsequent reaction from the world.”

“This land wasn’t physically prepared for the population shift (especially during a pandemic),” he added.

Continuing, he noted that visitors flocked to the delicate area “by car, by bus, by van, helicopter, planes, trains, motorcycles and E-bikes and there isn’t even a parking lot. There aren’t bathrooms— and yes, pooping in the desert is a misdemeanor. There was a lot of that.”
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