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Two Women Fight Over PlayStation 5 in Nasty Walmart Brawl



As any gamer knows, Sony’s launch of its PlayStation 5 console has been an unmitigated disaster, with the company struggling to satisfy the sky-high demand of the item while scalpers quickly snatch up scarce supplies and resell the system with huge mark-ups.

As a result, holiday shoppers have been scrambling to get their hands on the mega hot item. In one dramatic incident captured on video this week, two women could be seen getting into a knock-down, drag-out brawl over the system at a Walmart in Charlotte, North Carolina, leaving them bruised and ultimately empty-handed.

The brutal display of shopping violence was filmed for the viewing pleasure of social media users and naturally, has since gone viral.

In the video, a woman wearing long braids can be seen screaming at another shopper wearing a black hoodie, “What the f*ck are you gonna do?”

At some point, a man driving by on a motorized scooter as well as a woman in a red mask attempt to deescalate the confrontation by getting between the woman but the braided woman continues to shout before the situation melts down into a total disaster.

An all-out kerfuffle then breaks out in the electronics department, during which the women begin socking one another and yanking on each other’s hair, before the braided woman is slammed flat on her back, apparently out cold.

To paraphrase Smokey from the iconic ‘90s comedy Friday, she “got knocked tha f*ck out!”

Police quickly arrived at the scene but not before the women were able to make their narrow escape. However, TMZ reports that neither of them were able to get the PS5 that they fought over.

The strange spectacle of grown adults fighting each other in the aisles of retailers during the holiday season has been a veritable American tradition since at least the 1983, when Cabbage Patch Kids dolls sparked proper unrest in stores across the United States.

13 years later in the lead-up to Christmas 1996, Tyco’s Tickle Me Elmo sparked similar violent melees as parents used their fists to get their children the $30 toy described as “a little red creature with a tickling fetish.”

Since then, wild Black Friday fights breaking out the day after Thanksgiving have become the norm, with grown adults humiliatingly knocking each other over, attacking children, and trampling one-another underfoot to get their hands on plastic products made in China with small discounts that are certainly not worth the loss of face that such ludicrous behavior entails.

One would imagine that with the rise of online retailers and the need for physical distancing, people might be a little wiser in 2020. But hey, 2020 is nothing if not consistently insane.

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