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Microsoft Flight Simulator Mod Shows Huge Cargo Ship Blocking Suez Canal



World markets were rocked by the nearly week-long stranding of the massive cargo ship Ever Given in Egypt’s Suez Canal, which only reopened to traffic on Monday when dredgers were finally able to dislodge the 1,300-ft. vessel from the canal.

The ship, with its trademark Evergreen lettering printed along its side, has now become an icon of 2021, with myriad memes and gifs filling social media platforms.

The ship has now earned its place in the pantheon of computer games after one virtual pilot created a mod placing it in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, a game known for its highly demanding specs and its equally impressive virtual representation of real-world planes and locations, according to GeekWire.

The dramatic scene of the mammoth ship blocking the world’s busiest trade route, which links the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, can be seen in a video shared to Twitter by user Mat Velloso.

In the clip, which was originally captured and uploaded to TikTok by user “donut enforcement,” one can see the plane flying over the cargo shop while a pilot narrates the scene. The scene is brilliantly realized thanks to the state-of-the-art visuals of the latest iteration of Microsoft’s long-running Flight Simulator series.

Hundreds of ships had been waiting for the canal to be cleared on Monday. According to Egyptian authorities, the backlog of ships waiting to traverse the canal should be cleared in roughly 72 hours, but analysts claim that the knock-on effect felt across the shipping world could last for weeks, if not months.

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