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Insanely Terrifying Footage Shows Tornado Ripping Through Kentucky Town

The clip posted to social media seemed like a scene ripped straight from a disaster or horror film.



Horrifying video footage posted to social media shows the harrowing moment when a huge tornado moved through the distance, cutting a swathe of destruction through a part of Kentucky during the night.

Local resident Eddie Knight posted the 35-second clip to Twitter of what seemed to be a scene ripped straight from a disaster or horror film, with the video flashing to pitch-black before showing the tremendous tornado during flashes of lighting.

“Video of what I believe to be the tornado that traveled ~200 miles,” Knight wrote. “Video from my dad’s front porch between Bremen and Sacramento, Kentucky. Terrifying.”

“My family is ok. Still verifying friends,” he told later told FOX 35. “This is MUCH bigger than just the factory in Mayfield,” he added, referring to the horrific destruction of a candle factory in the western Kentucky town of Mayfield.

On Friday, night the candle-making plant was flattened by a devastating tornado, trapping upwards of 100 workers toiling inside. While 40 people have been rescued, it is feared that at least dozens may be dead. 40 still remain unaccounted for, according to the Graves County coroner’s office, reports Reuters.

The tornado system that ripped through Kentucky is likely to have been the deadliest the state has ever seen, according to Gov. Andy Beshear.

On Friday night, tornadoes carved through over 200 miles spanning five states including Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee on Friday night, crumbling metal structures like paper and toppling concrete buildings. Even a freight train was thrown from its track, reports New York Times.

Along with the Mayfield factory, an Amazon facility in Edwardsville, Illinois was destroyed, killing at least six employees of the e-commerce giant. An unknown amount of workers remain missing, while authorities have said that they don’t expect to find any more survivors.

Search and recovery efforts are continuing at both the Mayfield and Edwardsville facilities and are expected to last for several days.

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