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More Human Remains Were Just Found at Lake Mead

The National Park Service did not provide any information on the estimated length of time the dead individual who was found on Monday at Swim Beach was thought to have been there.



According to the National Park Service, human remains were discovered on a beach in Lake Mead in Nevada on Monday.

The estimated age of the remains that were discovered at Swim Beach in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area at around 4:30 p.m. was not mentioned in the statement that was issued after the discovery was made.

The Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office, which will establish the cause of death, did not immediately answer to a request for comment from NBC news.

The lake, which is located on the state boundary between Nevada and Arizona, has had one of its lowest water levels on record this year. It was unclear if low water levels in the nation’s biggest reservoir, Lake Mead, had any part in the finding.

NASA recently announced that Lake Mead is at its lowest levels since 1937, which was the year when it was being filled for the first time. The agency provided satellite photographs that highlight the decrease in the lake’s appearance. Just 27 percent of the reservoir’s capacity had been reached the previous week.

An exposed corpse in a barrel was discovered in May, according to the authorities, as the water level continued to decrease as a direct result of drought that has gripped the western region of the United States. According to the authorities in Las Vegas, the skeletal remains are thought to be from the 1970s or 1980s, and the deceased individual was shot to death.

This is the second time this month that human remains have been discovered near Lake Mead. Lake Mead authorities said at the time that a lady went missing on June 30 after falling off of a jet ski. On July 6, the corpse of a woman was discovered near the Boulder Islands, which is the location where the incident occurred.

According to KSNV, an NBC station in Las Vegas, the Clark County medical examiner subsequently determined that the body belonged to the lady who had been reported missing.

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