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Flooding Hits Las Vegas: Iconic Strip, Casinos, Parking Garage Under Water Again

More rain is expected over the weekend.



Las Vegas Flooding

Just two weeks after casinos and hotels in the popular tourist destination were inundated with water by torrential rainfall, Las Vegas was slammed with another round of flash floods on Thursday (August 11) night.

In video posted on social media, floodwater could be seen rushing through a parking garage, turning it into a fast-moving river.

Extraordinary footage showed much of the city’s entire Strip being severely flooded, turning casinos into rain gutters.

As water swamped some of the most iconic buildings in the city, the National Weather Service for Las Vegas issued a flash flood warning as well as a flood advisory until 12:15 a.m. on Friday.

“Never have I seen rain this torrential like I saw this evening,” Richard Henderson, from Canada, told the New York Post. “The rain was so heavy that you could barely see the Flamingo across the street.”

Video footage shows Caesar’s Palace struggling to battle the heavy downpour as floodwater is seen pouring onto costumers at the hotel’s indoor restaurant.

Henderson, who saw the flooding at Caesar’s Palace, claimed that staff of the Sports Book had surrounded a certain area “with a makeshift barrier of soaking wet slot machine chairs.”

“A quick glance to the ceiling and we were shocked to see water pouring out of every sprinkler head and other spots,” he said.

“The sheer amount of water made one of my friends very nervous—she was very concerned about the possibility of more water coming in or a partial ceiling collapse.”

“The lightning strikes were intense. I’ve never seen anything quite like it in Vegas,” Henderson added.

Planet Hollywood also sustained significant damage. Videos show the building filling up with water and the carpet getting completely soaked.

Las Vegas resident Sean Sable said it’s the most rain he’s ever seen in his six years living in the city.

“You’re not going to believe this, but I’m not sure if it’s raining more inside Planet Hollywood or outside,” he tweeted.

Sable said water “pouring” into Planet Hollywood.

The flash flooding also interrupted Def Con 2022, an annual hackers convention that was being held at Caesars Forum in Paradise, Nevada. 

The city of Las Vegas has also seen significant power disruptions due to the heavy flooding, with over 17,000 NV Energy customers left without electricity, according to 8NewsNow.

The Rain Isn’t Going Away

Unfortunately, the rain isn’t going away any time soon.

“We expect the rain to go ahead through the weekend,” according to National Weather Service Las Vegas lead Forecaster Chris Outler.

“There are daily chances. Right now the rain has tapered off across the valley but just about every day, especially in the afternoon and evening hours, we have about 30% chances for Las Vegas.”

While all of this was happening, traffic on the roads came to a full standstill as police cordoned off flooded routes blocked by floodwater.

The city was severely flooded just two weeks ago, which resulted in damage to numerous hotels and casinos.

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