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NASA Finds Strange “Pyramid” on Dwarf Planet Ceres



It is getting harder and harder to deny that intelligent life forms, not just single celled amoeba, have inhabited our Universe beyond planet earth. The latest undeniable evidence to surface is a strange pyramid structure uncovered on planet Ceres by NASA. Even more surprising is that the story was reported on multiple mainstream media outlets, instead of being squelched, like so many other stories suggesting alien life forms are real.

Ceres is a dwarf planet that was visited by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, after a seven and a half year journey, and along with several ‘bright spots’ on the heavenly body, a pyramid-like structure peaks out from Ceres’ frigid surface.

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Scientists haven’t yet explained what the bright spots might be, theorizing that they are just salt, or an icy surface, nor have they really explained the mysterious presence of pyramid. It is roughly three-miles high, jutting out of the surface of the otherwise rocky terrain in what appears to be an area as flat as a pancake. Bright streaks also run from top to bottom of the mountainous pyramid.


Image source: CNN

Dawn has been circling Ceres at around 2700 miles from the surface, and in August it dipped down to 900 miles, hoping to get better pictures. You can see the closest pictures of Ceres yet, as released by NASA, here.

Is this another reason that NASA’s chief scientist, Ellen Stofan, said that NASA expects to find alien life by 2025?

So far, NASA scientists simply say the pyramid structure is ‘intriguing’ with no further comment, but others suggest this is another sign of an ancient alien race, or a black-budget project such as those Snowden revealed – perhaps a UFO which had already landed in the relatively close proximity of Ceres which is near Pluto in our solar system.

Considering the recent research, headed by Henry Lin of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) suggesting that alien life could spread through space ‘like a virus,’ the pieces of ‘disclosure’ seem to perpetually come together.

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