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Undeniable Proof You Have the Ability to Transform Yourself and the World



If you are a mere 35 years of age, your entire body has replaced itself at least three times. Our cells are constantly dying and being replaced by new ones, so in essence, you are not you anymore. You are something else. Hopefully something better, something MORE.

When a forest fire burns a grove of Pine trees to the ground, or an entire landscape is decimated by a tornado, each disaster like a scene in a movie, nature evolves. It is resilient. It makes itself new. Even with man-made disturbances like acid rain and HAARP weather modification, the elasticity of Mother Earth is overwhelming. She doesn’t just patch things together. She transforms.

Look at the butterfly. It’s cells – the ones that take it from a crawling caterpillar to a winged beauty – are called ‘imaginal cells.’ They vibrate at a completely different frequency than the caterpillar’s ‘normal’ cells. When they first start to develop, the body of the caterpillar treats them like a cancer and tries to devour them. Over time, though, with some kind of omniscient perseverance, they start stringing together to form groups of imaginal cells. Just like the light workers who hold the vibration of this planet to a higher standard, these imaginal cells begin passing their frequency from one to the next until the entire caterpillar is nothing but a cocoon of goo that will utterly transform into a being capable of flight. An organism literally digests itself to become something we are transfixed with, something that allows us not just to eat, but to gaze upon with wonder, and to perpetuate the rose, the poppy flower, and the buttercup. Surely, the higher vibrating fragrance of a flower could not exist without the pollination of the butterfly and its brethren.

If these examples are not enough to convince you, consider the single man in India who planted 550 hectares of forest over his lifetime. He began with nothing more than a sand bar and transformed the landscape into a lush, green forest. His forest now houses deer, rhinos, tigers, elephants, birds, monkeys, and a host of other life forms.

When the crumbling oligarchy tells you that you cannot, know that you can. You already are. You have the ability to recreate yourself and your world into something magnificent.

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