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Sun is Locking Into the Great Empathic Astrology Aspect of This Decade



In about a week, the Sun is locking into it’s bi-annual, positive trine to the planet Neptune. It’s a special moment of feeling things deeply, being able to tap into intuition and empathy: and feeling out this can foreshadow how the next 10 years will be with Neptune in Pisces.

On Thursday July 6th, the aspect will peak, while the Sun is also exactly square Jupiter, majorly intensifying the intuitive effect and adding an exaggerated, positive (Jupiter) feeling, with the harmonious, gentle Libra energy that Jupiter has been imbued with this year.

sun trine neptune

It’s a particularly nice, deep watery flavor of the twice a year aspect, because Neptune is in one of its most special possible positions in it’s 160 year orbit around the Sun: its own sign of Pisces. Pisces’ energy is almost identical to Neptune.

However the next month will also have moments of volatility and explosiveness, as detailed in the last astrology article. And all of this is building up to some great crystallization of purpose with the eclipses in August: things happening right now are likely to be significant for a long time, crystallizing energy in people with the Saturn/Uranus/North Node Grand Fire Trine.

Neptune’s position in the sky affects the entire world’s lens through which they feel spirituality, intuition, empathy, and the deep depths of imagination for any period of time.


Major shifts in the collective imagination’s flavor on Earth, the music and arts of an era, and the way people feel intuition in an era, occur about every 10- 15 years when Neptune moves into a new sign (and a sign is really just an area of sky that has a particular flavor, the energy of an area of sky changes significantly every 30 degrees, so they are named signs). Also, when the outer planets make aspects to Neptune every year (Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus aspects to Neptune), we get waves of different flavor to the collective Neptune energy. For example, last year Saturn square Neptune and Jupiter opposition Neptune brought people a lot of confusion and depression. Now that is over.

For an example of how the “collective Neptune” works, consider this: in the 80’s and 90’s, Neptune was in Capricorn: the collective imagination and intuition was colored with very serious, hardened, Capricorn energy.

But around 1991- 1996, that Neptune in Capricorn energy was lit with energy, the spark of idea and creativity, energy and euphoric power from the great once every 190 year conjunction of Uranus and Neptune: Uranus aligned with Neptune, the greatest and longest cycle in all of astrology.

That’s the true reason behind the surge of cultural energy, the surge of enthusiasm for music and the arts, that occurred in the 90’s.

It peaked for several years, with the first exact peak on February 2nd, 1993. That’s right: the surge of powerful music in the 90’s was the great once every 190 year alignment of Uranus and Neptune.

Uranus conjunct Neptune

So that’s what Neptune does: if you can identify that creative, imaginative, euphoric energy of the 90’s and subtract the hardened Capricorn from it, and replace it with even more water and imagination, Pisces energy, that’s where we’re at now: our collective Neptune is filled with it’s own energy, in it’s own sign of Pisces: this era of spirituality is about spirituality.

Neptune entered Pisces in 2011, and it will be there all the way until 2026: so amidst all the chaos in the world, everything going wrong, we have one certain thing on our side: there will be an intuitive, empathic, emotional, considerate and kind, deep depth people will be capable of feeling all over the world for the next several years, and that will be one stable thing to guide us through hard times.

People will find it difficult to be as psychopathic or cold as people may sometimes be in stressful collective situations, for the next 10 years or so.

To put it a bit further in perspective, the opposite of Pisces is Virgo: during the 1930’s when Nazi Germany and other governments were reinforcing a culture of militant discipline and non-spiritual psychopathy in common people (as one way to describe it), Neptune was opposite where it is now, in Earthy, analytical Virgo. Now, this is the dead opposite of that cold Earthy energy in our spiritual lens: people will uncontrollably have a little more heart and a little less desire to control things right now.

So in about a week, the Sun will activate this Neptune in Pisces, by making a positive trine (120 degree angle in the sky) to Neptune, the Sun in Cancer.

On July 6th, feel the watery, intuitive energy in the air. Let the Sun rays soak into your skin and try to feel it.

If you can put your finger on this feeling, and perhaps feel it during the next Sun trine Neptune in November, you’ll be able to identify an energy that will persist in the air for almost 10 more years, and be a factor for the collective consciousness for a long time to come.

And remember, the entire generation of people born 2011- 2026 will be walking imprints of this energy for life. When an era of Neptune happens, people are born with the energy embedded into them and the effects resound for an untold number of years.

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