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You Can Now Look Just Like Your Cat for $2,715

A team of skilled sculptors will use your cat photo to develop a 3D mold covered in fur to put on your face.



Look Like Your Cat

(TMU) — Have you ever gazed at your feline housemate with utter adoration and thought: “I really should get a mask so I can look just like _________ [insert name].” If so, you’re going to appreciate the work of Shindo Rinka.

As VT reports, the creative planning office in Japan has tapped into the apparently lucrative industry of cat masks.

To produce the life-like cat attire (cattire?), Shindo Rinka teamed up with modeling workshop 91. Now, customers can easily order masks that essentially turn them into their cats, from the neck up.

Credit: Shindo Rinka

The target demographic appears to be proud cat ladies and just about anyone who has a cat—and perhaps access to cannabis.

Credit: Shindo Rinka

From a customer’s perspective, the process of acquiring a cat mask is quite simple. One simply needs to take a photo of their cat and submit it to Shindo Rinka along with 300,000 yen (2,715 USD). After that, it’s a waiting game for the final product.

Credit: Shindo Rinka

Employees of Shindo Rinka, on the other hand, go through several processes to create the life-like masks. After receiving the customer’s photo, a team of skilled sculptors begins work on the cat mask. They use the photo as a reference to develop a 3D mold covered in fur. The finer details and “facial extremities” are one of the last steps and are added by hand.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing their own cat mask can begin the process by submitting a contact form on the Shindo Rinka website. However, the site has yet to be translated out of Japanese, so you may need a translator. It is also unclear whether or not the service includes international shipping.

By Mandy Froelich | Creative Commons |

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