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Watch This Woman Turn Into a Superhero to Rescue the Same Deer Twice

“You need to learn how to jump, boo!”



Superhero Woman Rescue Deer

(TMU) — A jogger is being hailed as a superhero after she took a break from her exercise to rescue a helpless deer that got itself stuck in a fence at a park not once, but twice, within the span of three minutes.

Chloe Dorsey was on her morning run at the park in September when she saw the animal struggling with a spiked metal fence at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. She said:

“It was stuck between a metal fence with spikes and I knew I had to do something!”

Dorsey set up her mobile phone to film the footage before trying to bend the metal fence bars enough to free the young doe.

The jogger had barely climbed back over the fence before noticing that the deer was stuck yet again. In this case, the doe was caught inside a moveable barrier with even thicker bars.

In the video, Dorsey talk to the young deer as she approaches it for the second time:

“It got stuck again? Oh, hell no!

You need to learn how to jump, boo!

Girl, what is gonna happen when I’m not here?”

Dorsey then attempted to bend the much stronger bars of the second fence, to no avail. Nervous about whether she’d manage to save the poor creature, she tried a few more times to pull at the bars.

Dorsey told Storyful:

“I was not strong enough to bend it enough for it to be set free. I looked around to see if there was someone to help but there was not.

So I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll jump the fence and help it reverse.’”

At that point, Dorsey hopped the fence before landing “awkwardly,” as she explained. That awkward landing startled the deer, giving it “enough willpower to push through!”

Liberated and safe, the doe ran to rejoin its herd. Dorsey yelled after them:

“Y’all need to show her how to jump!”

After finishing her jog, Dorsey went home and published video of the incident to her Instagram account. Since then, she has become a viral sensation across the world, with news outlets and social media users alike sharing video of the rescue.

On her Instagram post, Dorsey explained that while her jokes seemed nonchalant, she was actually quite nervous about the deer—which was clearly anxious about regaining its freedom after finding itself trapped.

She explained:

“The second time was more frightening than the first. We were both scared for each other…! I’m so happy I was at the right place at the right time.”

By Elias Marat | Creative Commons |

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