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Dog Turns on Microwave, Accidentally Starts House Fire

Left home alone, the dog was somehow able to switch on a microwave filled with food.



Dog Turns on Microwave, Starts House Fire

(TMU) — We all love the occasional story about loyal dogs being “man’s best friend”—especially when they revolve around a valiant pooch saving their human companion from danger.

This, decidedly, is not one of those tales.

A dog in the English town of Stanford le Hope inadvertently began a fire that nearly consumed a home after the curious canine switched on a microwave filled with food, according to the Essex fire service.

Despite the microwave being set up on the kitchen counter, the husky was able to reach the appliance while home alone and sniffing around the apartment.

The dog, who has not yet been named, accidentally switched the microwave on. Unfortunately, the microwave just happened to be filled with a packet of bread rolls, which began to burn before starting a small blaze.

The owner of the two-story property was at work when the incident occurred, but fortunately checked in on a camera feed on his phone where he noticed smoke wafting through the kitchen. He quickly called the emergency service line, whereupon the fire services quickly responded before arriving to the scene.

Fortunately, the fire was largely isolated to the microwave—although the kitchen itself also suffered a great deal of smoke damage.

The mischievous mutt was completely unscathed by the blaze.

Fire service officials warned that the microwave shouldn’t be used as a makeshift pantry where food is casually stored.

Geoff Wheal, the watch manager at Corringham Fire Station, explained:

“Clearly this is a very strange incident involving the man’s dog, but it could still have been more serious.

When we arrived, the kitchen was filled with smoke. Firefighters ensured that the damage did not spread beyond the kitchen area—but it demonstrates that microwaves shouldn’t be used to store food when they aren’t in use.

Our advice is to always keep your microwave clean and free of clutter or food or any packaging. Animals or children can turn them on more easily than you might think—so please don’t run the risk.”

By Elias Marat | Creative

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