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This Aussie Farmer’s Reaction to Torrential Rain After Months of Drought and Fire is Priceless

Australians have flocked to social media to express their appreciation and awe in the face of the downpour.



Aussie Farmer Rain

(TMU) — A heartwarming video has gone viral which shows an elated Australian farmer celebrating as torrential rain fell on his land following months of withering drought and a brutal heatwave.

The harsh climate conditions have been wreaking havoc on Australia, fueling a horrific and unprecedented wave of bushfires that have destroyed thousands of homes, wildlife habitats, and land, as well as local rural economies and farmland.

This past Thursday, however, residents in the country’s hard-hit east enjoyed a temporary reprieve from the crisis as a “rain bomb” fell, putting out dozens of fires and providing hydration to arid and fire-ravaged zones.

New South Wales (NSW) farmer Bryce Chapman was one local who couldn’t contain his excitement and glee as the rain fell. In a selfie video posted to his Facebook account, the farmer can be seen cheering and laughing.

Posted by Bryce Chapman on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

In the video—which Chapman shared with the caption “let’s get wet”—the overjoyed farmer turns the camera to a herd of his cows and shouts:

“Here’s some rain to give you some feed!”

Earlier this week, the New South Wales Rural Fire Service tweeted that the rainfall—which is expected to fall for several more days—would be “all of our Christmas, birthday, engagement, anniversary, wedding and graduation presents rolled into one.

According to Sky News, a month’s worth of rain fell over Melbourne the first few hours of rain Thursday. At least 32 fires were extinguished during the initial downpour NSW alone.

On Friday, the torrential downpour continued, resulting in flash floods across the bushfire-ravaged east of the country. Due to months of drought, thirsty regions are unable to absorb the sudden jolt of precipitation while vegetation that would normally soak up the water has been devastated by the fires.

However, firefighters remain appreciative of the parting heavens.

The NSW Rural Fire Service said on Twitter:

“Rain has fallen across most firegrounds over the last 24 hours which is great news! Our fingers are crossed that this continues over the coming days.” 

In addition to the fire services, Australians in general have flocked to social media to express their appreciation and awe in the face of the downpour.

By Elias Marat | Creative Commons |

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