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Couple Devises Ingenious “Lap” Hack to Comfort Their Clingy Cat, and It Worked Like a Charm

“I’m all for clingy cats, but there are times where some kind of measures need to be taken.”



Ziggy Clingy Cat

(TMU— A London couple is being celebrated after devising an ingenious method to soothe the nerves of their cat, Ziggy, by creating a fake pair of human legs along with a lap to rest on.

Like many adoring felines, Ziggy loves to sit in the laps of her parents, Rebecca and Alex May of London. And like many pets, she has grown extremely attached to her family.

When the couple adopted Ziggy, she was initially extremely shy. However, she soon grew to adore lying in the laps of her parents.

When her parents began working from home, Ziggy became clingy to the point where she wanted Rebecca and Alex’s entire lives to revolve around her. Rebecca couldn’t even work at her laptop computer without Ziggy climbing onto her desk and resting on the keyboard.

Even when they purchased a cat bed for their little friend, Ziggy was unsatisfied had still demanded their undivided attention.

Rebecca wrote on Reddit:

“I’m all for clingy cats, but there are times where some kind of measures need to be taken.”

At that point, Alex devised an ingenious ruse to trick Ziggy into calming down and giving them a bit of space—he stuffed an old pair of pants and shoes to create a dummy lap, which they then positioned to sit on the couch.

Our cat has become SUPER clingy now that we both work from home. We had to improvise… from aww

As it turned out, perhaps Ziggy didn’t need her parents in their entirety—you know, with their superfluous heads and torsos—but simply the sense of security derived from their nice, comfy laps.

Rebecca told the Dodo:

“[Alex] thought that creating a decoy would be funny, but I don’t think he expected it to actually work.

Harley [Ziggy’s sister] was totally uninterested, but Ziggy loved it.

She needs warmth and to feel protected, we think.”

The couple’s peculiar predicament, as well as their unique solution to the problem, elicited an overwhelming response from Reddit users.

One user responded:

This is great! One of my cats recently went deaf and became an indoor kitty and is very clingy as well. Maybe we should try this out for him!”

While another user gushed over the clever use of a demi-mannequin:

“Spectacular. Wholesome. Warms my heart. Please give her an extra smooch tonight, from me!”

By Elias Marat | Creative Commons |

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